15 things we loved about Orgatec

17 Nov , 2016  

Orgatec was busier than ever, some halls more than others, but that’s always the case. What did surprise me however was the amount of space on a stand set aside for hospitality. Catered food, coffee and wine, for the wind down every evening.

We’ve broken down our top fifteen into twelve outstanding products and three themes. It’s the only way we felt we could do justice to the thousands of products on display.



1. Acoustics

If we could quantify the products that were shown with Acoustic properties, it was enough to fit two halls worth. Acoustic distraction is definitely becoming a bigger problem every day with the wide adoption of open office concept.

2. Wood & Stone & Living Walls

It seems like the world has had plenty with metal and glass, there is a definite shift in surfaces to stone & wood. Hints of earthy tones and wood highlights are prevalent in furniture ranges across occasional furniture to collaborative ones. There was at least one living wall or green wall within a stone throw of each other.

3. Fenix

A surface treatment that is all the craze at the show. Smooth to the touch, this nano tech product seems to resist acid, fingerprints, bacteria among other amazing features. Look out for more of this in the products next year!


4. Tom Dixon Melt & Brew

Even though MELT has had a whole year on the circuit. It was too beautiful to leave out. This technologically advanced field of vacuum metallisation is responsible for this new twist. MELT Copper (Silver & Gold) is a distorted lighting globe is a creation from Tom Dixon’s collaboration with Swedish radical design collective FRONT.

The light bouncing and reflecting around the uneven surfaces creates a dramatic melting hot blown glass effect. MELT is translucent when on and mirror-finish when off.

A proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot. Tall and tactile with futuristic art deco looks, the Brew cafetiere is precision-engineered to ensure smooth and easy plunging and pouring. Its brushed steel interior contrasts with its simple but striking high-shine copper finish. The result is a sleek, sturdy cafetiere – the centerpiece of the coffee ceremony.

5. Acoustic Walls

There were many wall systems at Orgatec, some systems prettier than others, however something had to pass the scream test. We paired the two critical points together and we arrived at Strahle Raum-Systeme. This system showcased in wood profiles with double glazed walls on three sides. The seals on this system were almost invisible and the performance was near perfect.

6. Wood Stitching

I believe designers are always fascinated when you can merge two separate materials that don’t traditionally go together as if they were meant to be. We happened upon this product with Garsnas. An arm chair with an exterior stained wood finish and a contrasting stitch detail that you just can’t peel your eyes of. Julius by Farg & Blanche have pioneered this revolutionary method that involves all materials being stitched together – wood, padding & fabric.

7. Invisible Sound – Amina

Need as I say more? Speakers – we’ve all tried to hide them at home so they magically can bellow out the tunes they need to without taking up any unnecessary floor space. We’ve mounted them, chipped walls to try and hide the wires and have even bought wireless speakers to get rid of our jungle of wires hidden behind most TV cabinets. Seeing clear sound come through a concrete wall was definitely one of the highlights of the show.

8. Konig & Neurath Height Adjustable tables

We’ve all seen Height Adjustable tables, they are getting more common with every exhibition that passes by and with more awareness growing on ergonomics within the workspace. Traditionally we’ve had to go to a point in the desk that has the controls to change the height of the desk. That’s all about to change! In a world where swiping left and right are the new ways to shift your experience, K&N have applied it to their height adjustable tables. If you are looking to really impress your visitors around your Meeting Table, the table comes with a sensor strip across the enter perimeter of the bottom of the table which senses a person move their hand right to lift the table and swipe left to lower the table. You have to experience this in person!

9. Zones

We’ve been introduced to a lot of Collaborative furniture over they years, which is meant to release some of the pressure of meeting rooms while still creating an informal gathering of ideas and a change of environments. They are all good in their own right – Teknion however have come quite late to the party but have shown why it was worth the wait. Their collaboration with Pearson Lloyd have made the collaboration collections one of the talking points for the show. It showcases hints of a first class cabin on Emirates with all the comfort and functionality to work through the day.

10. Tree Trunk (Special Mention)

Bringing an entire Tree trunk to an exhibition was worth putting Dinesen, specializing in hardwood floors on this list.

11. Oblivion – Koleksiyon

If you’ve walked through Koleksiyon’s stand, you can’t avoid this Helix of a monster. Having a mid-sized unit in your space is missing out on the experience. The 3.8m high unit has various shelving, desking and seating capabilities, more importantly it has the wow factor! I’m not sure naming it ‘Oblivion’ was the best sales strategy!

12. K&N – Future Office App

Where would we be without a cool app? Sensors are placed on each desk & room across the facility while other environmental sensors are picking up on noise, humidity and oxygen levels.

At your workstation the app measures whether the desk is being used proximity sensors using RFID, while the task chair is measuring the optimum position to help improve ergonomics tailored to your body type.

The environment sensors tell you when it’s time get some fresh air along with informing you about the light intensity and the optimum settings for each.

The app also informs you of where your colleagues are within the building (relative to the workspace) and understand space utilization to best optimize space on Day 2

Orgatec 2016: Konig & Neurath smartOffice

13. Mercedes F-015 Concept Car

It’s hard to see how Mercedes was making a case in a furniture fair. However when you have a car that looks as stunning as this, you tend to make excuses for it to be there! I was later informed that the seats were the reason the car was included at the Vitra stand. Speechless!

14. Idea Paint – Pivot

While the Mercedes may have been the key attraction at the Vitra stand, the Pivot Table (designed by Primo Orpilla, co-founder of Studio O+A ) from Idea Paint was definitely a close second. The Manufacturers first move into mobile writeable surfaces. The pivot has two functions. A writing surface while upright doubles up as a standing table when turned horizontal. It comes in a wood veneer & a more familiar white.

15. Noti – Sound Room

The Sound Room is Noti’s first attempt at an Acoustic Product – this modular product ranges from acoustic sofa’s to relaxation pods. The relaxation pod caught our interest – it engages you visually with a lit ceiling and relaxation music echoing through the pods while being acoustically hidden away from the rest of the space for those late afternoon naps.

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