.STUDIO promises to make Designers’ lives easier

After an intensive and laborious two plus years, Love That Design’s development team launched .STUDIO, a digital workflow automation tool powering the best project design experience. And what a splendid way to mark LTD’s third anniversary!


On the morning of December 10, select design houses congregated at the lovely Cosentino showroom to witness the birth of what we are confident will be a game changer in the A+D industry. LTD’s development division launched .STUDIO, which, as mentioned earlier, is a digital workflow automation tool, but also so SO much more.

.STUDIO is a software that promises much higher efficiency. It promises to take the headache away from dull processes and smoothen your workflow, leaving you to focus on the part of design that you love. And it does all this while improving the bottom line. Here is a sneak peak…

As Ben D’Souza, Co-Founder of Love That Design regales us with tales of how this software was born, we learn that .studio was built specifically for the Design & Construction industry to manage and track project resources. From resource planning to never missing a deadline, integrated calendars allow you to keep track of your client deliverables, invoicing, billable hours, and even your team’s birthdays! And that’s just from a management standpoint.

Designers are offered a host of tools that take away much of the boring and ‘headache inducing’ part of current design work (particularly manually feeding excel sheets). For example, with just a click of a button, designers can now easily create, change and manage specification documents, with the changes reflected across the board and in all relevant segments of the project.

.STUDIO allows you to collaborate with your team, clients and stakeholders, and manage multiple process threads without any hitches. Along with dashboards that spark insight and, if you’re feeling particularly creative, a section where you can build and share your own interactive Digital Moodboards with clients for instant feedback, it’s no wonder that the two design houses piloting the program for the better part of the year, Roar and Kristina Zanic Consultants, showed such enthusiasm at the launch.

Roar had been working with the LTD dev team for the better part of the year, helping them beta test .STUDIO, and perfect any hitches from a management tool perspective. At the launch, Kathyrn Athreya, Managing Director at Roar, gave us her candid opinion.

Kristina Zanic Consultants helped tremendously during the development of the design portion of .STUDIO, and after many long nights spent working in conjunction with the development team, they had some valuable insights about their change in processes. Marco Maximus, Senior Interior Designer at Kristina Zanic Consultants, who had been working closely with the dev team throughout, had this to say…

With many a curiosity piqued, amidst fabulous food, drink and conversation, thanks to a fantastic spread by Cosentino, the guests took turns visiting multiple stations that allowed them to play with the program. Check out the event pics in the Gallery below.

And if you would like to know more, click here and register for a free demo.

Event Gallery

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