A Tropical Ode to Indian Cuisine: One&Only Royal Mirage by Studio 1747

“We design around food.” These words deeply resonate with Clara Voce, interior designer at Studio 1747, who once found herself whisking through the world of flour and sugar as a pastry chef. At Trèsind Restaurant – One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai, Clara has masterfully fused the realms of food and space, creating an inseparable bond that elevates the dining experience to new heights. Through a symphony of colours, textures, and shapes, the design mirrors the flavour palette of the restaurant’s diverse Indian dishes.

The Brief

The brief was to transform an existing restaurant into a contemporary design that presented a refined and luxurious fine dining atmosphere. In order to achieve a spacious environment conducive to this ambience, the floor levels needed to be adjusted. Noel Salins, Senior Project Manager at Pinnacle Interiors remarks, “To raise the floor to the desired level, an easy-to-execute and quick-build solution was proposed. We employed a heavy-duty raised floor system that housed all the mechanical elements beneath the floor and covered it with an 18 mm hardwood underlay to receive floor finishes.”

An elusive quest was afoot for zeroing down on the perfect location for Trèsind—a culinary gem known for its exceptional cuisine. With each site falling short of the envisioned grandeur, One&Only ended this infinite search. Clara expresses her excitement, saying, “When this location in One&Only came up, we knew it was the best place to grow and make the restaurant even more successful than what it was In Voco Hotel earlier.” The One&Only Royal Mirage is widely recognized as one of Dubai’s most peaceful and elegant resorts, esteemed both locally and internationally. It was in this esteemed setting that the challenge arose—to maintain the very essence of the resort’s alluring atmosphere within the confines of the restaurant.

The Outcome – Creating a 360-Degree Journey of Health and Restoration

The profound importance of food and its impact on our well-being often gets overlooked. The designers at Studio 1747 recognized that their purpose extended much beyond mere gastronomy. Clara adds, “It is about providing a 360-degree journey towards health and restoration for our esteemed clients. This is achieved by developing a connection between our interior design and the design of our dishes.”

Rejecting the idea of a fixed theme, Clara states, “Our ideas are completely coming from the food that ‘will be served’. Our research is done mostly in the kitchen, this is where we want our passion and design to come from. This is why all our F&B spaces are all different. In this case, what we could find in the chef’s area was a super colourful Indian Modern cuisine that led us and transferred all that colour in our design.”

Savouring the Restaurant Scenes

At the entrance, a modest yet inviting lobby beckons the visitors with its understated charm. Beyond its threshold, a breathtaking vista unfolds capturing the essence of the entire space in a single sweeping glance. Commanding attention in the center stands the majestic olive tree, strategically positioned, serving as a living centerpiece.

As the guests’ gaze ventures further, a captivating scene materializes revealing a wine cellar designed to house 360 wine bottles. Noel mentions, “The customized shelves are carefully designed so that each of the wine bottles stays secured even though they are of different sizes. The design took health and safety, aesthetics, and practicality into consideration.”

Patterned tiles graced the restaurant’s floor enhancing visual interest. Clara adds, “The flooring it’s usually like a plate for us, that must support the creation of the chefs.” Above, a coffered ceiling adds a sense of grandeur and depth to the room drawing the eye upward.

Creating Distinct Dining Experiences

In order to optimise the dining experience, the space was divided into two distinct areas, each designed with its own unique purpose. The first area, positioned in front of the open kitchen, was a sanctuary for culinary indulgence. “Large display windows showcase the live preparation with special light effects to create warmth,” says Noel. Here, guests could immerse themselves in the captivating theatre of gastronomy, as skilled chefs crafted masterpieces before their very eyes.

Capitalising on the lush gardens of the hotel, the designers extended the restaurant to create a second space—a haven where the enchanting garden views became an integral part of the dining experience. This extension invites guests to partake in an alfresco supper experience. Outdoors, delicate white umbrellas adorned the dining area, their gentle shadows creating a playful interplay of light and shade. The black and white striped flooring added a touch of timeless elegance, while the checked tables and printed chair linen infused a sense of whimsy and charm. Comfortable grey rattan furniture provided a stylish seating option, inviting guests to relax and revel in the idyllic surroundings.

A Bar to Remember

Clara explains how the bar’s location was one of the most formidable challenges encountered. She mentions, “The client was adamant about keeping its existing location, despite its considerable distance from the entrance. Our task, therefore, was to transform this seemingly disadvantaged position into a compelling feature that would command attention and distinguish itself within the space.” To this end, a vibrant and eye-catching backdrop was incorporated that infused the space with a burst of colour and energy. Complementing this bold backdrop, the designers introduced a sleek metal display for all bar essentials.

The Exclusive Private Dining Experience

The private dining room welcomes the diners with an airy and tranquil ambience, perfect for intimate gatherings. Adding to its allure are two organic display areas showcasing clay pottery. Noel says, “These two display shelving units have non-geometric organic shapes. Although these niches give the impression of being handcrafted, they were actually manufactured at the plant using machinery.

A Dining Experience One Can’t Un-remember

From the moment guests enter the inviting lobby, to the captivating scenes of the open kitchen and the enchanting alfresco extension, each area has been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of luxury, grandeur, and whimsy. The designers have woven a narrative where food and space become one, creating a blend of flavours and design that leaves a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of indulging their senses within Trèsind’s walls. Can you resist the allure of Trèsind’s unparalleled dining experience?

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9 August, 2023

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