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Allermuir is all about breaking the boundaries – removing the mundane from furniture and inspiring via design. The brand is known for their design narrative and exquisite products. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!

Allermuir’s design reads like a story. The brand places a keen emphasis on the narrative behind their creation and have formed a strong presence for themselves in the furniture world.

About Allermuir

We believe that design is in our DNA

– Mathew Ousby, Head of Design at Allermuir

Established in the 1970s by the Vaghetti family, Allermuir became part of The Senator Group in 2005, a leading manufacturer of high quality furniture for the contract market and a leading investor in research, development and design. This acquisition had a shared vested interest, as both brands believe in values, such as innovation, design, people and sustainability. 

 “We believe that design is in our DNA,” says Mathew Ousby, Head of Design at Allermuir. These contemporary furniture manufacturers are constantly challenging themselves to innovate and experiment with design ideas. Previously makers of corporate furniture, the brand has come a long way since.

“Historically we have made corporate furnishings, but due to a rising demand in the hospitality sector, we will be seeing more of Allermuir products in that particular industry,” says Mathew.

It’s the winning combination of quality design and high level thought that makes Allermuir products a hit. “We have a strong internal and external design team, and at times we collaborate with some influential designers to bring in new ideas.” The products that have been created out of these synergies are all about conveying the narrative to the customers. Therefore the brand has taken an active decision to stop product launches at fairs and focus more on bringing these global products to the local market. This change in marketing is going to be their main focus for 2020 and the strategy came about as a result of wanting the end user to understand the design process and in return, optimise their use of the product.

Sustainability is another key factor for Allermuir. From the materials sourced all the way to the design process (eco-design in products is really important), right through to delivery, the brand is actively looking for ways to make the world a more sustainable place to live.

Furthermore, there are rigorous checks to ensure that the products are of best quality. All of the products are tested to global quality standards. In fact, they do more than simply pass these tests; they are on average 30 percent stronger and more durable than the standard.

Allermuir have been accredited with ISO9001 since 1991, and are full members of FIRA, plus all their products are independently tested to exceed all relevant standards established by BIFMA.

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7 May, 2020

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