Arper’s Colorful Display at Dubai Design Week 2022

Dubai Design Week 2022 saw Arper flaunting its epochal products along with more recent collections at their showroom on opening day, and on the Akiba Step space in Dubai Design District (d3) the day after. Read on for a recap of Arper’s memorable presence during the week…


8th November marked the opening day of Dubai Design Week 2022, and the D-Day for the presentation of Arper’s products – iconic and new – in the refurbished space of their Dubai showroom in Ubora Tower. The new collections were launched at Milan Design Week this year, and went on to make an impression on Arper’s customers and business partners present at the showroom during Dubai Design Week 2022 with their conscientious hallmarks

A closer look at the fresh products – the Aeeri table by Peter Kunz, the Shaal sofa by Doshi Levien, the Oell coffee tables collections by Jean-Marie Massaud, Ghia low tables by Studio Altherr Désile Park and Juno 02, the new edition of the Juno chair, designed by James Irvine in 2012 –  revealed how they interacted with newly evolved spaces and translated the needs of the users who occupy them.

The very next day on 9th November, these products became the mainstay for a starry evening on the Akiba Step space, in the heart of Dubai Design District (d3). With a copious flow of music, food and cocktails in the mix, Arper’s event inspired dialogue and dissection of The Project of Living. 

Together with the recent collections, a few other iconic products were modeled on the steps of Akila, here’s the list….

1. Leaf

The Leaf chair brings together form and function in a delicate silhouette, and is an ideal pick for outdoors. Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina in 2005, the inconsistent yet balanced thickness of the wires in its body are reminiscent of the veins of leaves. One might say, the design of the Leaf chair is much like its inspiration – evergreen and elegant.

2. Duna 02

Yet another design by Lievore Altherr Molina, this chair is a 2014 update of the Duna line incepted in 2000. Mimicking the act of blooming, the Duna 02 comes in almost as many shades and configuration options as flowers. The product also comes in an Eco version with wooden legs, and a recycled polypropylene body, obtained from post-industrial waste.

3. Cila Go

Who said compact can’t be cool? Cila Go is a hard-to-miss for those looking for modularity and modernity in educational furniture. From using the base of the seat as storage to availability of options in upholstery, Cila Go has the potential to become a complete work or desk system on its own – with the suave shape and vivid colors being enticing bonuses.

4. Aston Club

This brawny looking accent/boardroom chair is a light-weight surprise. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, the chair comes in two backrest options – high back and low back – and is focused on providing optimum ergonomics. Whether in a lounge setting or office space, the Aston Collection is destined to make a statement.

5. Adell

Easy to relax in, and even easier on the eyes, Adell chair’s gentle curves and contemporary aesthetic sit well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its shell, which is made from 80% recycled polypropylene, has a texture similar to the concentric patterns of the rings in a tree trunk.

6. Kata

Seeking muse from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs, Kata’s minimalist and earthy sophistication is a direct result of its slender wooden structure and upholstery made from post-consumer polyester yarns. Nothing less could be expected from Arper’s first solid wood lounge chair that is a showcase of craftsmanship meshing with technology.

7. Pix

The super fun and quirky Pix, a brainchild of Ichiro Iwasaki, is a family of ottomans that was introduced in 2010 with a mission to sprinkle vivaciousness in environments. The seating comes in myriad shades, and would be the perfect splash of colour during impromptu meetings or limited-time waiting.

“Arper is the moniker given to innovation and quality in the furniture world,” said Peter Mishreky, Design Department Manager, Al Tayer Stocks, during a conversation about the durability of the products.

When Love That Design spoke to Adriana Graur, Design Director, dwp she expressed, “Arper’s beautiful, simple and contemporary products have made the set up of the event is elegant and vibrant. The brand identity is infused in the space creating a relaxing atmosphere layered with designed elements; similar to the brand where the products are defined by a minimalist and relaxed approach, designed with exquisite attention to detail and rich textures.”

We agree with Adriana – the iconic products, mixed with the new collections made for the right addition to a wonderfully hosted event. From sitting in them to becoming the center of conversations, Arper’s offerings were the true heroes of the lively affair!

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