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B—Line is one of those ultra unique brands that has carved out its own special niche by creating a home for timeless, iconic, design products that sit side by side contemporary pieces by international design greats. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!

B—Line is the brainchild of Giorgio Bordin, its founder. The company aims to restore historical icons of design on the Italian design scene. These are works that have disappeared over the years, made obsolete by the unrelenting ferment of a market that is brimming with innovation. Of the products re-edited, some have made history by “contaminating” many facets of art and design, such as Joe Colombo’s famous Boby.

Collections by B—Line consist of timeless items conceived by the absolute greats in the history of design, and byproducts created by contemporary international designers. All the objects in the company’s various collections are practical, usable and transversal, and proudly exist alongside the great cornerstones of design. B—Line’s products exude character and style, switching seamlessly from home to working environments, and from indoors to outdoors, as well as areas that are becoming increasingly hybrid and fluid, as is the demand of contemporary lifestyles.

For over twenty years, B—Line has been offering its products to the international market, focussing on substantiality, solidity, transversality, functionality, as well as customer satisfaction.

“These versatile solutions have a highly figurative content, devised for a wide range of purposes to satisfy manifold demands in the most varied market contexts”

– Giorgio Bordin, General Manager, B—Line

Plans for growth in the region

The Middle East and Africa represent important areas in the commercial development of B—Line, boosting an already strong and extensive presence in the other continents, such as the Far East.

In the near future…

B—Line collections have always encompassed evergreen objects from the past as well as contemporary furnishings. Most recently, the company has been involved with the re-edition of further iconic products from the sixties and seventies, that are designed by great masters.

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8 September, 2021

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