Bathroom Faucets

Blending functionality and aesthetics, kitchen and bathroom faucet designs have evolved significantly, appealing to the diverse tastes of modern living. These fixtures now come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, ranging from sleek and minimal forms to ornate and vintage-inspired pieces. In the kitchen, faucets go for convenience and style with options such as high-arc spouts, pull-down sprayers and touchless technology while bathroom faucets embrace elegance and charm with options like waterfall spouts and wall-mounted fixtures. Let’s look at some innovative products that are truly remarkable!

Minimal. Sleek. Sexy.

Exquisitely defined, Components showcase a unique collection of sleek and minimal faucets. Strong and confident lines define these products in distinct silhouettes balanced by smooth and curvaceous forms. From ribbon-style thin and crisp faucets to tube-like cylindrical and curvy ones, you can create personalised faucets tailor-made for your bathroom or kitchen. These products integrate delicate precision for accurate water pressure and temperature checks, gentle handling and magnetic motion, and a hidden aerator to create an organic water flow. Be it polished chrome, matte black, or dual-coloured, these faucets are refined and chic enough to make a statement in any setting.

The Contemporary Clause

Citterio C is designed for comfort and individuality, with a sophisticated style featuring just the right amount of curves and angles. This faucet, minimal in spirit and crafted with soft contours and a sensuous form, invites touch and intrigues the eye. Its signature detail, a subtle chamfer and a conical body that flares gently outward from the base, make the product exceptional in any bathroom. The faucets come in three different heights and multiple types, including wall-mounted 2-hole and 3-hole versions. The sleek form is complemented by the resource-conserving CoolStart function, which controls hot water flow only when you need it.

Bent in Style

Smooth and round in glossy black or chrome, this faucet makes a bold impression in bathrooms. The product’s brassware is represented as an exuberant tubular body, easy to use, and joyfully communicative of function. Its expressive form evokes a sense of permanence and durability, designed to stand the test of time. The touchless design of the faucet comes with impeccable precision, conserving the flow of water every time you use it. The Liquid Touchless Basin Mixer is available in two heights for countertop use and comes in two modes of operation: battery and mains.

Smart goes Sophisticated

The Presto Linea® deck-mounted sensor mixer tap offers a blend of elegance, hygiene, and functionality with finishes like Chrome and Brushed Gold. Designed for effortless, touchless operation, it ensures maximum hygiene with automatic flushing and bacterial growth prevention. Ideal for public places, it’s vandal-proof, water-saving, and easy to install and maintain. With customizable settings and a timeless design, Presto Linea® is perfect for any washroom, providing reliable performance and comfort for all users.

Demure and Detailed

Acing the Arch

Deck-mounted and dynamically curved, Nara is a mono basin mixer, stunning and innovative in its form and rendition. The arching shape of the faucet features a dynamic design that exudes grace and modernity. The rounded contours give it a strong and lasting presence in any bathroom setting. It comes equipped with a single lever, extending gracefully from its tubular form, ensuring comfortable and effortless operation. Designed to be placed on countertops, the faucet is available in four exquisite material finishes: oyster, brushed nickel, chrome, and matte black, offering versatility to seamlessly integrate into various bathroom styles. The product is engineered with an aerator that ensures a soft and silky flow of water, enhancing the functionality and soothing sensation.

The future of ergonomics.

Geberit One sets the standard for minimalistic elegance, offering an exclusive premium wall-mounted tap that exemplifies sophistication. Available in two distinct styles with a bright chrome plated finish: a lustrous round design and a sleek geometric option, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your bathroom. Both designs are meticulously crafted to ensure not only a visually stunning appearance but also smooth operation and a seamless water flow. Compared to deck-mounted taps, these wall-mounted faucets offer enhanced freedom of movement and flexibility. The dual-knob design allows for precise control of both water temperature and spray intensity, providing an elevated level of convenience and comfort.

Nu by Roca

Nu-anced and Bold

The Nu collection epitomizes pure visual expression by merging essential design elements: form, shape, and color. Named after the French word for nude, Nu unveils a series that removes excess to highlight its timeless design core. The collection includes three handle designs – Pin, Dome, and Stripes – available in six glossy colors inspired by Roca’s Mediterranean heritage: green, blue, yellow, black, white, and chrome. Nu offers a range of possibilities in various forms and finishes, enabling unlimited creativity to customize bathroom spaces. These sleek, sculpted faucets incorporate color and versatility as fundamental design aspects. With a body diameter of 35 millimeters, Roca’s thinnest so far, Nu combines innovation, sustainability, and quality in a captivating new line.

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