Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 – Part 2

If you thought our previous product picks were a one-off thing, think again. Like most residents in the UAE, we just had to visit Expo 2020 again. And of course, we’re happy to report we spotted more amazing products in the pavilions we visited.

With Expo 2020 being a “festival of human ingenuity”, it’s not surprising to see so many innovative products around the site. Sustainability, opportunity, and mobility are major themes, and we believe the products fit within these themes quite well.

Featured Image credits: Belgium Pavilion

Trenza by Andreu World

Product spotted at Spanish Pavilion

Giving off some solid Mediterranean vibes, Trenza is a fresh and natural feeling family of seating that includes chairs, lounge chairs, and bar stools. That light feeling you get is from the characteristic woven bands of the back and seat that give the design a fresh appearance. The band colours are Terra Brown, Sand, Graphite and White and facilitate ventilation without renouncing comfort. For an added relaxed setup, there’s a chaise longue version with a headrest cushion available too. 

Laser Blade Adjustable by iGuzzini

Product spotted at UAE Pavilion

It’s no surprise we’re seeing iGuzzini at the UAE pavilion – the manufacturer’s strong commitment to sustainable development make them obvious lighting partners for the UAE pavilion. The laser blade adjustable is a recessed ceiling with a special configuration of the optical system that delivers a precise circular distribution without punctiform effect. Its high visual comfort comes from the high-definition optics made of metallised thermoplastic material, integrated in the innovative black anti glare screen that defines emission with luminance control UGR<10.

Intellimix by Ideal Standard

Product spotted at Belgium Pavilion

Belgian design gets the attention it deserves in the form of Intellimix® – an uber-cool smart touchless tap that dispenses both water and soap. The timing is perfect, given the importance of washing our hands the right way to avoid covid or any infection. Intellimix® doesn’t just deliver superior hygiene, – it also reduces running costs, improves sustainability, and is easy to maintain as well. 

PIXEL by Bene

Product spotted at Austria Pavilion

PIXEL is Bene’s ingenious design on display at the Austrian pavilion. These building blocks can be arranged to be a seat, table, platform, and so much more. PIXEL ensures that you can flexibly shape a space to support a number of different team tasks. It brings a new dimension in team working and meeting culture to the workplace, creating playground-like spaces that encourage lively group dynamics and creativity.

Helios by 2tec2

Product spotted at Belgium Pavilion

Another one from the Belgium pavilion – this simple but beautifully textured acoustic flooring will no doubt bring a sense of comfort and excitement to your space. 

Bond by Sans Souci

Product spotted at Czech Pavilion

These two beautiful pendant lights are hard to miss. One convex, one concave – the lights are fitted together with an integrated light source. Bond reflects and transmits light differently depending on the natural light that surrounds it, giving your interior a different ambience during different times of day or seasons. Expertly nano-coated and available in a range of sizes and hues, you can create the perfect formation for your space. Check them out at the Czech pavilion!

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