Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 – Part 4

It’s our final edition of brand spotting at the Expo 2020, we look for inspiration beyond the pavilions, in areas that are equally popular. Reflecting on the brand spotting articles these past few weeks, it’s been amazing to see the sheer breadth of high-quality design and craftsmanship on display at Expo 2020. If you still haven’t had the chance to check them out, we suggest heading over there today!

Featured Image credits: UNSPLASH

AKUSTIK56 by Kaprel

Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 - Part 4

The Akustic 56 is a mullion free, non-structural double glazed system used only for internal built environments requiring partitioning and acoustic privacy. It gets its name from its 56mm width, and is available in 26mm and 41mm heights. The entire system is capable of a maximum of 47 dB acoustic performance for a single unit, while the multi-panel narrow double glazed system offers 43 dB. Its presence on the Expo 2020 is important – being a local manufacturer, it signals the Expo 2020 commitment to sourcing locally and promoting sustainability.

Armstrong Wood Channelled Planks by Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 - Part 4

Spotted at the Expo DEC CoEx, these wooden planks bring a little bit of natural beauty inside with the warmth and beauty of wood ceilings. They help create a continuous ceiling for a unique effect with a versatile range of channelled planks available in standard and custom options.


Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 - Part 4

The Fusion Neon Flex LED is an incredibly flexible lighting product from NGA that works well with its plug and play service. Available in white, tuneable white, RGB and REBW, the neon flex comes in a 4.5w and 12w variant. Being an IP68 flexible silicon encapsulated light source, the neon flex is ideal for curved and water submerged applications.

MyFlow universal chair with crossbase by ISKU

Brand-spotting at Expo 2020 - Part 4

This elegant and stylish chair design by Vertti Kevi combines wood, carefully selected upholstery materials and metal in a unique way. It’s easy to spot this one at the Finland Pavilion. The design is finished with a piece of spectacular jewellery that combines the seat to the backrest, keeping the design soft and sophisticated.

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