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Who doesn’t like an extra layer of plushness? Carpets and rugs can be game-changing additions to an interior, but more than that, they imbue comfort and luxury like no other. Patterns and lines on flooring can elevate a design and make it nuanced – but carpets, specifically, add to acoustic superiority as well. Of the wide range of carpets available in the market, Love That Design has chosen a handful that is big on aesthetics and acoustic properties…..

The Touch & Tones II range is designed to enhance any space by providing a range of coordinating styles that allow for the creation of inspiring and invigorating combinations of colour and texture. The collection is available in three styles with a variety of neutral and bright colours, allowing for the creation of specific zones to suit different moods or functions. Additionally, Touch & Tones II comes with the new CQuest™Bio backing, made from carbon-negative materials to lower the carbon footprint of your space, and all products in the range are carbon neutral throughout their lifecycle.

Ege Carpets’ Eco collections demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and circularity by using only recycled materials in their yarns and production processes. The collection features 56 green colours that interact with light, space, and other materials to remain stylish for many years. The recycled colour dye ensures that over 80% of the dye is reused, and the carpets are made from old fishing nets, industrial waste, and used carpets.

The Rise Custom Collection is a response to the challenges of disorder and disruption, and it reflects the spirit of resilience and renewal in the hospitality industry. The collection draws inspiration from the world around us and is created from a place of empathy. It represents a new path forward and pays tribute to the optimistic outlook that moves us forward – and from the looks of it, the future looks dynamic and stare-worthy!

The Poise Carpet from Milliken is inspired by the idea of melancholic beauty and inner peace. It seeks to awaken the senses and re-establish a connection with nature through its graceful and dignified design. The carpet channels the power of silence to foster mindfulness and serenity in its simplicity. Poise’s subtle design and subdued tones could lend an minimal yet impactful canvas to bold interior design interventions.

The MEDITERRANEO carpet collection’s small and fine design allows for flexible indoor and outdoor use. Its unique Mediterranean look can enhance the aesthetic appeal of both modern and traditional interior spaces. The collection’s natural authenticity and craftsmanship, combined with its durability and weather resistance, make it ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as hallways, terraces, and balconies. Its supple and sensual feel also makes it a comfortable choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and other cozy spaces where barefoot walking is preferred.

&-collection is a long-standing, coordinated approach to designing carpet tiles that adds personality to any space. The collection offers bold and vibrant, sophisticated, and luxurious styles that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of interiors. Whether it’s a commercial or residential space, the &-collection adds a touch of individuality and flair to the design.

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5 May, 2023

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