Curated Collections – Part 09

Simplicity is the theme of this week’s curated collections. While simplicity and minimalism often go together, they aren’t the same. Minimalism is focused on the reduction of quantity. On the other hand, Simplicity is the reduction of complexity. Minimal can sometimes be simplistic. But simple is not always minimal. Makes sense?



The new and beautiful collection from Spradling® presents a timeless design, inspired by the natural beauty of linen fibres and its innate refreshing functionality. Linetex® is a coated Fabric that transports us into the raw essence of design, combined with superb heat-reflecting functionality. Being the leaders in coating fabrics, this collection offers a pleasing touch thanks to Permacool, their latest industry-leading technology, that helps to stop surfaces overheating even during the year’s sunniest days!



Refined design, versatility and comfort are the hallmarks of BINAR 60. A complete family of armchairs designed to be easily integrated into diverse contexts and spaces while keeping a common aesthetic. The armchairs are available in two backrest sizes and can be equipped with a wide range of bases with different functionalities. The collection also offers numerous customization possibilities to adapt to the requirements and style of each project.

X Series

Haworth’s X-Series office storage shelves offer a range of products that include office cabinets, office shelving, lockers, files, towers, personal storage, and small office storage cabinets. With 7 pull designs and 37 trim colours, you can coordinate them with casegoods to create beautiful office spaces. 

FIZZ BOX Collection


Clestra’s flexible and modular Fizz box pods have acoustic screens that offer excellent acoustic insulative and absorptive qualities. When combined with a supply air system, they offer unequalled working comfort. In standard sizes, from 1 to 6 people, these free-standing rooms in the FIZZ BOX Collection range allow multiple possibilities in terms of functionality, integration, customisation and finishes. 



Named after the stone unique to the quarries of Tuscany, Carrara features stark veins of white against a muted, base tone. Used by the great Roman empire to construct monuments to the gods, this pattern imitates the immense power and reverence of those houses to the cosmic entities of a forgotten past.



A collection of elegant archetypes for the wash basin, bathtub and shower, AXOR One is unified by a holistic design language of slender silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions. The iconic faucets feature a gentle taper to their curved spouts, a subtle detail that signals the exceptional quality of design and manufacturing. Using Select Technology and a new mode of interaction, AXOR One reinvents familiar archetypes for greater clarity, enhanced function and superior control. With multiple finishes such as chrome, matt black and up to 15 AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, Axor One brings timeless design to any bathroom. 

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