Curated Collections – Part 10

This week’s focus is a spread of seating and a little bit of privacy and lighting in between. It could be a sofa, an armchair, or a pod to get your best work done on. Either way, we’ve got some great picks here. Brands and designers have evolved to products that not only suit your work mode but fit in a range of settings and design themes. We’d be surprised to see you struggle to find a chair or a pod that doesn’t fit your functional and aesthetic needs from the collection today.

Yonda chair

Yonda chair - Curated Collections

The name says it all. Yonda stems from “beyond” because this piece of furniture really goes that extra mile. Neunzig°design studio reinterpreted the archetypal, spacious shell-structure chair to craft an innovative range that meets the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world. Yonda’s a comfortable chair family with a whole host of design options for both homes and workplaces. But it doesn’t stop there. Its design, materials and surface finishes reflect the concept of a circular economy.


Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, Anorak is a modular system in which wearability becomes the prelude to a new way of living and thinking about upholstered seating. This super comfortable seating system reveals how the concept of wearability represents only the apex of a complex design system. “Every single element that makes up the sofa can be disassembled; the upholstery is not attached to the structure, but can be removed, slid off,” says Patricia. The guiding principle is simple: making every single element separable with a quick and easy gesture.


Soft volumes and warm materials seek a sense between emotion and personal cosines. SET gives empowerment to people, to their daily needs in suggestive and transversal spaces. A balance between aesthetics and function, between artisan tradition and technology. A tool in the hands of professionals with the aim of finding logical and humane solutions to the challenges of new architectures. 

People Home

Constantly evolving seating family designed for modern open spaces. Functional in its design and friendly in its forms, it’s the perfect expression of Milani’s vision of office and contract furniture: positive, trim and informal.


Tek Vue is a glass-office front system that is built for the workspace of today. It focuses on simplicity, privacy, and minimalist beauty. Tek Vue offers the essential elements; a single-centre glass wall program and pared-down, yet progressive, pivot and barn door program. The system is easy to install, uses materials efficiently and offers flexibility in specification. The system focuses on single-center glazing and thin-profile frames, while providing effortless integration with conventional construction and existing Teknion wall programs. Tek Vue wall and door programs are built on the concept of a universal platform, which re-envisions how a system can be specified, planned and installed within the evolving world of interior architecture.


This beautiful light fixture is a play of contrasting colors and metallic coatings that looks perfect on smooth, hand-blown bowls of cold white combined with warm gold and dark black with moon silver being the dominant combinations. The contrast is accentuated even further by an alternating application of colours and metallic coatings.

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