Design Collective 2020, Day 01 – Exploring the new world of design

At LTD, we strive to inform, educate and present key findings from the A+D industry. Within the current climate, where design fairs and exhibitions the world over have had to reschedule, remodel and repackage themselves, LTD stepped up to create an online, all inclusive online extravaganza to further build a sense of community. And so was born Design Collective 2020.

When will we dine again?

A chat with the creators of Roar’s research paper, that looks deep into the fate of F&Bs in the region.

Materials Lab 1 – Finding the Good in the Bad

How can we make an already worse situation better? Colab partners share their attempt at saving our planet’s resources via innovative methods and materials.

Tomorrow’s Workspace

The new parameters of ‘Science’ vs ‘the Guidelines’, and how does a responsible manufacturer respond to the rapidly changing workspace.

Saving the Earth, One Chair at a Time

Are advancements in design and ergonomics killing our natural reserves? What are our leading manufacturers doing towards ensuring a healthy future for our planet and ourselves?

Is Antimicrobial the New Black

We speak with international brains in wellness and sustainability on how we can better our offices for a healthier work environment.

The Science of Surfaces

Experts from the fields of A&D and manufacturing delve into this simple yet incredibly ‘deep’ field, and the impact that surfaces have on our interiors, environment and self.

Alone Together

By Jim Taylour – Orangebox R&D have been exploring physical, psychological and social health in the workspace be it physical or virtual, office or home.

On-demand Privacy

Mikko Tamminen will share his insights into what the future of the office looks like from Framery’s perspective.

Creating Positive Spaces using the WELL Building Standard

This CPD introduces the process and contents of the WELL building standard, helping participants to understand how to approach this emerging human centred commercial building standard.

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30 June, 2020

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