Design Collective 2020, Day 02 – Exploring how designers race to innovate in uncertain times

At LTD, we strive to inform, educate and present key findings from the A+D industry. Within the current climate, where design fairs and exhibitions the world over have had to reschedule, remodel and repackage themselves, LTD stepped up to create an online, all inclusive online extravaganza to further build a sense of community. And so was born Design Collective 2020.

How Sustainable Design Impacts People and Our Planet

For the past 7 years, Surge’s annual ‘Design, Dine, make a Difference’ has brought together the region’s A+D community to transform the lives of 100,000+ people in vulnerable global communities. Be inspired by Surge’s key industry changemakers and their commitment to impacting our world through design!

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The WILD Way

Listen to an inspirational discussion with three great leaders about embracing diversity, and what this means to them individually and as a business. Learn insights on how acts of inclusion benefit us all. Get set for some WILD Talk!

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The Fate of Office Real Estate – What Lies Ahead?

Corenet members weigh in on the future of regional Corporate Real Estate. Will the office shrink? Will online take precedence? Or is the physical office still very much a necessity?

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Breathing New Life into Work

Bringing the workplace back to life. What’s changed? What remains the same? And is this permanent? Let’s find out…

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Why We Need WELL More Than Ever

We talk to the COO of the International Well Building Institute on changes in standards that are not only beneficial but also incredibly necessary on a global scale.

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Shaw Contract introduces SCFloorDesigner App

The way we work has changed. We have adapted. Part of our Smarter Impact guiding philosophy is to be insight-led. Through an open innovation approach, we worked last year with a group of designers and architects who were looking for quick and easy-to-use reference tools, at the touch of a button.

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Haworth – Designing in a Virtual World With Patricia Urquiola

Discover how Patricia balances innovation and design with craftsmanship and quality to create pieces and spaces globally—oftentimes from a distance.

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Style in carpet tiles with a sustainable approach

modulyss is a leading carpet tiles manufacturer dedicated to the international commercial market. In this session of “Design Collective Insights” Hisham will unveil for us the many advantages of carpet tiles in terms of Designs , Wellbeing and Sustainability and what new innovations modulyss holds for us.

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Cradle to Cradle is not a choice. It’s the only option!!

The aim is to reach Cradle to Cradle Platinum level in 2030 through closed loops where waste becomes resources, while becoming carbon positive. If you want to know why and how, this is the talk to listen to.

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Building in 2020 – Challenge or Nightmare

Leading contractors and project managers open up about the experience of completing a project in 2020. And what’s going to happen next?

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2 July, 2020


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