Episode 1: Decision Making in Unprecedented Times #COVID19

Peter Tavener from Beehive talks about Funding for SMEs in the A&D sector.


Taking advantage of our new WFH (read couch potato) lifestyle, we launched a new web series, On the Record, where we hope to have ‘real’ conversations with key influencers and leaders in our industry. We hope that these talks will provide insight and be a genuine source of knowledge.

Our first series is extremely topical given the current climate: Decision Making in Unprecedented Times #COVID19.

Episode 1:

With large scale enterprises making cutbacks, we look to the experts for some help to keep the SMEs afloat. Peter Tavener, COO and CFO of Beehive, a peer to peer lending platform, tells us of our options and how to qualify for shorter term loans.

Extra Clip: Speculating on the Current State of Affairs

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1 April, 2020

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