Episode 3: Juggling Working From Home, Motherhood, E-Learning and a Career

We speak to Nicola Trivett from Summertown Interiors on the peaks and troughs of being a mum working from home, and the risks associated with site visits during #COVID-19


Taking advantage of our new WFH (read couch potato) lifestyle, we launched a new web series, On the Record, with the intent of having ‘real’ conversations with key influencers and leaders in our industry. We hope that these talks will provide insight and be a genuine source of knowledge.

Episode 3:

Working from home (WFH), e-learning, and a career in construction – is it more difficult for women than men during Covid times? Nicola Trivett, Senior Project Manager at Summertown Interiors says it’s a juggling act.

Extra Clip: The Fate of Subcontractors

Getting paid on time is challenging in the best of times, but now when liquidity is super tight, can subcontractors survive this challenge? Listen to Nicola opine about the fate of subcontractors in 2020.

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