Ergonomic Chairs

The very first chairs made from wood centuries ago were meant for ‘sitting’. The chairs made from various materials today are meant for ‘comfortable and supported sitting’ – thanks to ergonomics. Ergonomics, a science, is combined with design, an art, to create functional, stunning, and modern chairs that can be used in varied settings. With humans spending extended periods of time sitting today, these chairs are indispensable! This is why the experts at Love That Design has curated a product spotlight dedicated to ergonomic chairs that can blend into any design theme and space. Dive in!

Sit. Perch. Stand.

Inspired by the smooth elegance of a pebble, the Zody LX chair seamlessly blends biophilic design with unparalleled ergonomics. Its organic form is a sophisticated addition to a variety of environments. Masterfully crafted to support diverse body types, the Zody LX comes with a fully upholstered seat and back, customisable with premium fabrics to bring your design vision to life.  With its innovative 4D arms and Y-brace back support, this chair elevates ergonomics to the next level.

Efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

Light as a feather, the Recur Task Chair effortlessly blends sustainability and ergonomic comfort. Crafted using a high proportion of pre-consumer recycled polymers, its seat cushion offers a dual zone seat profile with a downward-sloping front third to maximise freedom of movement. Slender with refined curves, this chair, manufactured in Wales, can be a fine addition to any space you choose.

A smart chair with an all new BLCK personality.

Culminating over six decades of chair-making expertise, Interstuhl presents the JOYCEis3: a fusion of artistic grace and ergonomic brilliance.  This user-centric marvel caters to the modern workspace with its innovative FlexGrid back and breathable knitted fabric. It comes in various versions, from contemporary to classic, with many adjustments and customisation options to adapt to your vision. Offering an excellent price-performance ratio and a captivating colour palette, this attractive ergonomic chair is a must-have.

See  Sit it to believe it.

Designed by Stefan Diez, both these chairs are masterpieces crafted with Wagner Living’s trademarked Dondola 4D technology. This allows the chair’s 3D upper body movement to integrate with the seat and backrest’s adjustable angles, offering a revolutionary, silent 4D experience. It transforms the sitting experience, making it more dynamic and active, offering a greater radius of movement. D1 Office offers active support with armrests, while D1 Low prioritises relaxation with a reclined design.

Good for us, good for the environment.

The iconic, research-backed Aeron Chair gets a sustainable and innovative upgrade! Made with ocean-bound plastic, it retains its ergonomic excellence for all body types. Choose from four earth-inspired colours and enjoy unparalleled comfort with advanced back support and breathability. It also deviates from the one-size-fits-all concept and comes in three sizes – A, B, and C. Aeron sets a benchmark in the industry with a chair that is inclusive, adaptable, and chic.

User-designed, user-first.

A modular and sustainable swivel chair made in Germany, Se:kit redefines customisation for every user. From armrests and backrests to the base and other accessories, everything can be customised. Its pre-configured options cater to various environments, from the intimacy of a home office to the collaborative bustle of a meeting room. Comfort meets versatility with Se:kit’s lightweight design, Sedo-Lift III height-adjustment, and Sedus’s advanced dorsokinetics, ensuring freedom of movement and active support.

Intuitive, innovative, interesting.

ray work eliminates the need for constant adjustments. Users can simply set their preferred height and enjoy the benefits of its innovative synchronous mechanism and automatic weight adjustment. The chair’s airy, premium mesh offers flexibility and breathability, while its flowing lines exude quiet elegance. With a choice of luxurious fabric or leather upholstery, it is available in a spectrum of colours to match your design vision.

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