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Productivity, efficiency and overall wellbeing are the keywords that brand Ergotron lives by. With their impeccable style and innovative solutions for modern day offices, Ergotron stands determined to push the boundaries of agile workspaces. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.

Workspaces today are all about movement. Getting that two minute stretch in between 20 mins of seated work, moving to another desk for a quick meeting, and coming back to your desk for a focused task. Of late, the education on workplace health and well being has effectively contributed to employers seeking ways to encourage movement without disruption of work. 

Ergotron is a brand that understands the ergonomic and social needs of the present day employee, and provides them with innovative solutions, not only in the corporate sector but also in healthcare and education.

“We are mindful of the fact that people don’t stay fixed at a particular desk these days,” says Giljam Nijsse, Director of Sales, EMEA at Ergotron. “They want to move around and collaborate. So we have a variety of technology that helps make office design flexible and adjustable.”

“For us, ergonomic considerations in the workplace for wellbeing should be part of the early design process of an office and not an afterthought.”

– Giljam Nijsse, Director of Sales, EMEA at Ergotron

Founded by Harry Sweere in 1982, Ergotron boasts of having earned patents on some of the ergonomic tilt stands, mounting arms and desk stands. Harry designed computer workstations based on ergonomic principles and scientific anthropometric data for more than 20 years. At the core of this achievement is a legacy of innovation, which is carried forward to this date. In 2000, Harry also founded Constant Force Technology, LLC (CFT), which designed, manufactured and sold ergonomic flat panel monitor (FPM) desk stands to global manufacturers. The company formally merged with Ergotron on January 1, 2005, and retained the latter’s name.

The purpose of the brand can be summed as using human-centered design principles and the technology of movement to build environments that help people thrive.

“For us, ergonomic considerations in the workplace for well being should be part of the early design process of an office, and not an afterthought,” says Giljam. “We want to make sure people use technology in a healthy and productive manner at their office.”

With such a clear cut focus on becoming the interface between human beings and the technology they use, it is no surprise that the brand has found international success in the niche.

We are constantly looking to our clients for feedback and trying to understand their needs and cater accordingly

– Erik Seemann, Sr. Channel Manager MEA at Ergotron


Since pioneering in the sit-stand desk at the corporate level, Ergotron has diversified into various sectors to ensure employee health, comfort and productivity. Their products are designed for the rigours of a commercial audience, engineered for durability and tested to performance excellence. One of their latest innovations, Juv (an abbreviation of Rejuvenation), is a lift engine that can be mounted on the wall and used with any surface. Ergotron products combine design and movement with ergonomics to create the perfect accessory for any office. The company does not just sell a product, but also walks the talk by supporting the end user with specially trained professionals to optimise the product for their benefit. 

What the company essentially does is understand the pulse of their audience and the changing requirements of a dynamic workforce.

“We are constantly looking towards our clients for feedback, trying to understand their needs, and cater accordingly,” says Erik Seemann, Senior Channel Manager, MEA at Ergotron. “So LTD is a good platform for us to share information about our latest innovations to the A+D community, plus also to learn from the brand partners on that platform.”

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8 April, 2020

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