Explore our latest product additions – May 6th

This week’s curated collection focuses a little more on commercial interiors. From chairs and carpet to acoustics and accessories, we’ve put together a solid list of new products you should check out. A common aspect of this collection is the use of soft lines and colors that pop – definitely worth bookmarking if it’s a theme you’re going with this summer.

Byne System by Herman Miller

Byne System

The folks at Herman Miller combine the best aspects of four of their most popular desks with one new design for a product that helps you plan your space for optimal flexibility. Key aspects include modularity, flexibility, collaboration, and instant power access. 

bFRIENDS by Bene


Developed in collaboration with PearsonLloyd design studio, bFRIENDS is an exciting and eclectic collection of accessories made by recycling post-consumer plant-based plastic objects to create a biodegradable material. 3D printing is then utilised to create the products of the bFRIENDS collection. With 4 product lines and 10 standard colors, bFRIENDS offers a wide range of accessories to choose from.

Voyage by VitrA Bathrooms


The Voyage collection designed by Arik Levy in collaboration with the Design Studio VitrA, is a system offering a wider range of opportunities to design a wellness focused bathroom. Motivated by the premise that time spent in the bathroom is not just a function or physiological need, but rather an important break we take, Voyage creates a space where both mind and body are refreshed and stimulated.

Lightbox by Milliken


This carbon neutral collection from Milliken uses fascinating geometric forms that appear to change colour and switching directions as they catch the light. The Solid colours give away to translucency as patterns deconstruct and simple lines and clean angles merge to become complex and multi-layered.

Kata by Arper


Arper’s first solid wood lounge chair is designed with circular sustainability at its core, sporting a lightweight design and heavy on environmental value. Kata takes inspiration from artisan-made wood and woven straw chairs and put their own spin on it, using contemporary, sustainable solutions in an expression that’s both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. Key features include a graphic-patterned 3D knit with internal micro-padding in natural tones of linen or wheat that is supported by an oak and black locust FSC certified wooden frame.

Snowfix by Caimi Brevetti


This wall mounting panel offers an easy to install and elegant support system for the Snowsound panels; it employs a simple system comprising of two components in die-cast metal, which has been painted or satin-finished in nickel. These two ensure the panels stay in place, without any obtrusive or protruding elements.

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