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For over 75 years, Fagerhult has been at the forefront of lighting innovation with the belief that good lighting is essential for human well-being, with a positive effect on the health and state of mind. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


Fagerhult is a brand known for developing and manufacturing professional lighting systems for public environments, indoors and outdoors. The company shares a family history steeped in the knowledge of lighting and comes armed with a sizable and expansive portfolio.

About Fagerhult

The history of the brand

When Bertil Svensson founded Fagerhults Belysning, he did so with the intention of improving the daily life of the average person. Back then, handicraft work was mostly a cottage industry with knitting, sewing or wood craft done at home. And good lighting was crucial for this.

As society and technology evolved, it became more common for all family members to work outside of the home. That was when Fagerhult also made this transition with their products, offering lighting not just for the home but also for public spaces.

Today the brand has the capability to develop, produce and deliver lighting solutions for indoor spaces and outdoor areas, as well as for retail venues. They can also help create sustainable and energy-efficient spaces using lighting controls and the latest in connectivity.

Even though the brand has grown tremendously, and now operates in almost 20 countries worldwide, they have always remained close to their heritage. Fagerhult’s head office is still located a stone’s throw from where it began many years ago in rural west Sweden.

Since 2020, Fagerhult has also had ambitious sustainability goals, linked to the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to have all its luminaires consist of 80% renewable or recyclable materials, and for all lighting solutions to have integrated lighting control by 2030.

“As innovators in lighting globally for over 75 years we have joined Love that Design to help bring awareness to the design community of our sustainable solutions across live examples of where they have been installed in projects in the region.”

– Mohammed Darwish, Sales Director – Fagerhult

Sustainable Steps in the Region

Fagerhult plans to leverage its expertise on human-centric lighting with a focus regionally on sustainable lighting, especially for the healthcare, education and infrastructure sectors. Its latest innovation, the Multilume Re:think, is a luminaire built with a majority of recycled material and more than 90% of the luminaire can be further recycled into new materials while the rest can be recycled into energy, i.e. district heating for households. The luminaire body itself, made of Swedish natural fibre and recycled materials, can be recycled to 100%.

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28 July, 2021


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