Fair Play Part 1 – The Fate of Design Exhibitions

In this era of social distancing, how will major design exhibitions operate the world over? We curated an e-event hosted by Cosentino City, to discuss the future of design fairs, and joining us were senior reps from NeoCon, Clerkenwell Design Week and Design London, and our very own Downtown Design.



We may be a bit weary of hearing the word ‘Covid’ pop up in talks and webinars hosted the world over, and ordinarily, we would actively look towards discussing topics that shift the focus to offer a more positive distraction. However, in this talk, it was unavoidable.

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc around the world, the A&D industry including manufacturers, have taken a big hit. International design fairs have had to either postpone or cancel altogether, and some have clean folded. These events, that are normally an exciting entry in our annual calendar – a source of inspiration, networking, and display of talent, skill and products – are now leaving a gaping hole in our diary.

We invited the leaders of some of the world’s (and our region’s) major design fairs, to tell us what is actually happening. Will we see some version of NeoCon, Clerkenwell, London Design and Downtown Design happen? And with social distancing, what will the fair actually look like? Plus, what are the financial implications? And how is this impacting the clients and attendees? Click on the video to find out what they had to say…


Clockwise from top left: Malon Cera-Marle, Commercial Director, Media 10 Design Division for Clerkenwell Design Week and Design London, Lindsey Martin, Director of Marketing, NeoCon, Rue Kothari, Fair Director, Downtown Design

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