Focus Group: Why Lighting Design Needs the Spotlight!

Love That Design’s second Focus Group put the spotlight on the Lighting Design industry in the region. A select group of key lighting individuals from large scale and boutique firms met at the Orangebox Smartworking showroom in d3, to speak of the processes (or lack of) involved in achieving proper lighting on projects. One thing was clear – lighting design is a key component that can make or break a space.

Love That Design’s focus groups allow the A&D community to gain deeper insight into the workings of the regional industry, to understand what designers truly need, and hence be able to deliver on a platform that exists to serve this very market.

Our second Designer Focus Group, delved into the oft shadowed world of Lighting Design in the region. Dubbed the ‘orphans of the industry’ (mainly by us), lighting designers are incredibly misunderstood, and frequently ‘value engineered’ out. Sadly, more often than not, projects that do not have a professional lighting design consultant on board, clearly show that they did not have a professional consultant on board. After our discussion with the handful of top lighting design firms and boutique consultancies, we learn of their true value on an interior design project, and how incredibly crucial good lighting is in any interior.

Participating Designers

Top from left: Bill Johnson, Director, CD+M Lighting Design Group; Waleed Fakousa, Director & Partner, CD+M, The Lighting Institute; Erin Slaviero, Associate, Delta Lighting Solutions; Above from left: Regina Santos, Founder & Design Director, Light Fusion Specialist Lighting; Andrea Acciarresi, Associate Director, Light Touch PLD; Siddharth Mathur, Partner & Design Director, Studio Lumen; Courtney Mark, Design Director & Founder, Studio Mark

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