Focused Furniture

Sometimes all you want to do is put your head down and get work done. No doubt, the intention behind most workspace designs is to create the most productive work environment possible. But it doesn’t work for everyone. With the open-plan offices now a standard, sitting at a desk among chatty colleagues doesn’t exactly spell ‘productive’ for those of us looking to do focused work. 

It’s not always about noise or distractions. The very design of the products we use matters a great deal. For example, a standing desk does wonders for our productivity, even in a noisy environment. Product designers and manufacturers have come to understand there’s no one size fits all solution to this. That’s where products such as booths and acoustic products come in. They help create environments that offer a different setting for those looking to get into focus mode. 

We can relate – we’re the type that needs to switch into focus mode often. So we’ve put together a list of products that help us do just that, so you don’t have to.

Featured Image credits: Garney Construction Office, Kansas City

Hip by Quinti

This sleek-looking chair is made with a single monobloc element and is characterized by its wide and welcoming backrest. The design creates a half cocoon of sorts providing visual and acoustic comfort, while still keeping things approachable. The smooth armrests you see were made for extending sitting periods, and allow a tablet to be added or further accessorized with a sheet metal desk.

Shade by SilentLab

Freestanding acoustic screens are perhaps the easiest and most agile choice of products when it comes to creating visual privacy. With SHADE, you can create an acoustic barrier wherever needed. These freestanding acoustic dividers are ideal for dividing your break area or copy machine corner from the rest of the office. You can move them around wherever you like, and the wide range of shapes and bright fresh colours that pop will brighten up your office.

TWOWAY by Impact Acoustic

Add a bit of colour and character to your desk with the funky TwoWay organizer from Impact Acoustic. This unit has enough space to store a laptop, tablet, and other essentials. Not only can it be used to store personal items, but the material it’s made from improves the acoustics of your working zone.

Sensory by Nook Pod

The team at Nook build products keeping neurodiversity in mind – they recognize and acknowledge that people are wired differently and have different styles of working. Pods like Sensory provide a respite from the busy workspace by providing microfocus environments that are comfortable and functional enough to enable your most productive work. It is a system of lights and other features to calm or stimulate people with sensory integration disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia and Dementia to name but a few.

eModel 2.0 MINI by Nowy Styl

We absolutely love this product. Unlike many other height-adjustable tables or similar products, eModel 2.0 Mini is light, sleek, and functional. The table is simple and mobile, and its control panel is available with a memory option as well. It’s ideal for both offices and your WFH setup!

WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation by Ergotron

Leave it to the makers of some of the first and best ergonomic products to build solutions for focused work. With WorkFit-TL, you don’t need to escape your desk or invest in another sit-stand desk. This sit-stand desktop converter can quietly and easily convert into a standing desk with crank-free height adjustment. It can hold up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg) of office essentials on a fairly large workspace, leaving plenty of room for you to work with.

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