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For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design. Not only does this brand make excellent kitchen appliances and accessories along with water product solutions for commercial and residential washrooms, they also perfectly tailor solutions for the complex needs of their customers. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


Since its foundation in 1911, Franke’s success has been based on innovative engineering, unique design, and outstanding Swiss quality. These values are still the cornerstone of their success today, together with an entrepreneurial spirit, solution-oriented approach, and an acute sense of environmental responsibility. The brand’s drive stems from their passion for finding unusual solutions for everyday problems, achieving unique results with outstanding innovations in technology and design. 

“We are looking for the unique way that makes our products even more functional, more simple, more aesthetic – simply wonderful.”

Franke’s products are durable, robust, and sustainable. Furthermore, form follows function. The brand is continually testing and improving, developing products that offer maximum functionality and customer benefits.

About Franke

“Because we have a large team present to cater directly to the market here, we can support our customers better, our lead time is shorter, and thanks to our factories in RAK, we can also produce and customise products for the Middle East market”

–  Stefano Scuotri, Managing Director, Franke Middle East

A bit of history

The beginnings of the brand start over 100 years back with one man, Hermann Franke, who founded his own sheet metal business in the small Swiss town of Rorschach. The expansion of the production facilities, as well as the optimisation of logistics and transport routes meant relocating to Aarburg, and this is where Franke’s headquarters sit to this day.

After Hermann passed away, his son Walter took over and initiated the company’s global expansion. In 1975, Willi Pieper, their friend, took over Franke and continued to expand it across European borders followed by his son, Michael, who is also the current owner. The business is currently managed by Patrik Wohlhauser, who leads this enterprise with now over 9,000 employees across five continents.

Franke’s Systems Divisions


Residential Kitchens: Imagine your kitchen had a sink that could clean up after itself, or an oven that could offer you cooking tips. With Franke, these products aren’t fantasies, but a part of their integrated systems that help bring style, convenience and craft into your kitchen.

Water Systems: Franke are the leading suppliers worldwide for public, semi-public and commercial use water systems, thanks to innovative and intelligent washroom and sanitary solutions. The brand particularly concentrates on the development of complete sanitary systems, which are designed for durability, excellent quality, functionality and appearance.

Food Service Systems: With over 50 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining tailormade, quick-service restaurant kitchens (QSR ) for the major players worldwide as well as startups with ambitious goals and fresh ideas, allowing their clients to focus on what matters most – growing their business, and serving delicious food so guests keep coming back.

Coffee Systems: As they claim, Franke is not just in the business of selling coffee machines, they’re in the business of creating wonderful coffee experiences. With their years of expertise and experience within the coffee industry, Franke can help you provide the perfect in-cup quality while solving any challenges that stand in the way of your coffee business, no matter the scale.

Franke in the Region

One of the most dynamic and successful subsidiaries of Franke Group is Franke Middle East. Its headquarter is based in the UAE, employing 74 employees from 14 different nationalities. “This tells a lot about our way of doing business and our open-minded approach,” says Stefano Scuotri, Managing Director, Franke Middle East. “Because we have a large team present to cater directly to the market here, we can support our customers better, our lead time is shorter, and thanks to our factories in Ras Al Khaimah, we can also produce and customise products for the Middle East market.”

“One of our biggest advantages is that we have the complete team here, also with after sales support from the beginning,” says Ivan Denuzzo, Specification Manager, Franke Middle East. “We can support you with the installation, as well as conduct the training with facilities management on site, as well as the client and the contractor.”

Franke’s kitchen systems have been part of some of the most esteemed projects in the region, including Sky View and Fountain View, Royal Atlantis, which is yet to open, and large, residential communities, such as Badr and Maple in Dubai, Yas Acres in Abu Dhabi, Marassi Shores in Bahrain, and more. Some successful projects for water systems include EXPO Mobility Pavilion, new rail/metro stations, and ICD Brookfield Tower in DIFC.

We can look forward to a big event in January 2021, where Franke will launch a new kitchen systems range for the Middle East market.

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