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Glamora wallcoverings are unmissable, exuding a serene grace and timeless elegance. Their collections combine disparate sources of inspiration and artistic codes, reinterpreting them with a contemporary slant. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


The unifying principle of the Glamora world lies in its timeless simplicity and elegance. The brand is known for its decorative wallpapers and cutting-edge patented materials that are made entirely in Italy, and are easy and very quick to apply, even to curved surfaces. 

New materials and exquisite finishes are the foundation of Glamora’s aesthetic philosophy – expressions of a refined style resulting from contemporary research and free form trends. Since 2010, this award-winning brand has been proposing new stylistic ideas with wallcoverings that add interest to architectural surfaces.

A bit about the brand

In their first 10 years of business, the brand grew and developed exponentially, offering a wide range of collections and devising innovative solutions to enable the creation of different stylistic moods in each living space. 

The brand also offers bespoke design service and fully customised solutions with one on one consultancy for your project. A Glamora product can be adapted to any size, graphics and colour and their special modular system allows wallcoverings to be applied seamlessly without repetition for up to nine meters. Quite a feat.

Glamora’a innovative range of material, GlamFusion®, is the world’s first 100% patented waterproof wallpaper created especially for areas, such as for showers, spas, bathrooms and any space that comes into contact with water. Some of its unique properties include a non permeable surface that does not allow any water to enter the lower layer, thus waterproofing the surface underneath. The special surface overlay also makes it resistant to scrapes and intense force, and most chemical detergents. Furthermore, because it is ultrathin, it is easy to apply over existing tiles or renders without stripping them!

“By opting for low environmental impact solutions, such as digital communication or the exclusive use of recycled materials for packaging and offline promotion materials, Glamora starts a path of corporate responsibility in safeguarding the environment”

Fabrizio Rondini, Art Director, Glamora


One of their popular collections, GlamPure, is the first step towards a greater attention to sustainability and environmental protection by Glamora, either on a logistic, production and communication point of view. “By opting for low environmental impact solutions, such as digital communication or the exclusive use of recycled materials for packaging and offline promotion materials, Glamora starts a path of corporate responsibility in safeguarding the environment,” says Fabrizio Rondini, Art Director, Glamora.

Plans for Growth in the MEA region

Glamora in the region has partnered with distributors, Surface Eleven, and will focus on enhancing brand awareness as a leading company in the region for bespoke design wallcoverings to replace conventional wallpaper. The brand looks forward to educating interior designers and architects about the value of sustainable raw materials and substrates, and their bespoke design service

In the near future…

In January, the brand launched Collection XI, which includes brand new designs in their regular series, GlamDecor, GlamTrace, GlamMetal and GlamAcoustic materials. 

GlamDecor is a wallpaper suitable for covering indoor surfaces in the residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare fields, as it is produced with eco-friendly, breathable, odourless inks, and undergoes an advanced anti-bacterial treatment.

GlamAcoustic wallpaper, with its sound absorbing and sound insulating properties, improves a room’s acoustic comfort. Being a vinyl wallcovering, its layers allow for reduced noise from outside the room, whilst simultaneously muffling the noise that leaves the room.

GlamTrace features materials that do justice to the richness and irregularities of natural fibres, and is a clear-cut relief wallcovering that evokes handmade paper, giving depth to a wall. The thin and matt textured surface creates chromatic effects.

Lastly, GlamMetal gives architectural surfaces the iridescent reflections of metal and the charm of silk. Created from a combination of thin metallic laminate and a fabric-like texture, GlamMetal plays with colour and iridescent effects.

Glamora’s professional consulting service provides one on one advice to help you select the perfect substrate for your space. You can also discuss your custom design with their resident artists. The brand is very proud to have won the German Design Award for 2021.

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11 February, 2021

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