Healthcare Haute

Healthcare has always been important, but it’s gotten a renewed focus since the pandemic. Healthcare operators and designers are more mindful of the general healthcare staff, not just the patients. The holistic, end-to-end healthcare experience must be considered, not just isolated points in the healthcare journey. Today, healthcare spaces are given as much attention as hospitality spaces, perhaps more, given the nature of activities and people in these areas.

Healthcare design is clearly trending towards designs that prioritize wellness as much as functionality. Here are 10 products that will transform your healthcare spaces.

Mora System from Herman Miller

Herman Miller designed this system to provide intuitive ways to organize technology and supplies to organic human interactions. Mora helps create a cohesive and versatile appearance across the healthcare facility, and it achieves this aesthetic flexibility through a wide variety of finish and laminate options. By offering plenty of smart storage options, Mora helps declutter the space, leading to a stress-free environment.

The Wishbone Dual Bar is CBS’s entry-level dual monitor stand solution that is ideal for holding two screens of equal size and dependency in position. By removing and inverting the screen holders you can create a cockpit screen set-up with minimum effort and disruption.

TRACE™ Monitor Mount from Ergotron

The innovative TRACE Monitor Mount adapts to how each user works and feels their best to create ergonomic, flexible workspaces. It intuitively adjusts between tasks and postures to encourage movement and collaboration, always returning to the natural home position. Advantages include intuitive adjustment and a flexible design that helps you work the way you like.

FS Management from Wilkhahn

It’s been more than 40 years since Wilkhahn launched the FS-Line, and yet this highly flexible, unitary seat- and backrest shell is still considered a global milestone in dynamic seating. With the elegant curve of the swivel arms, the appealingly spacious seat, slim contours, and compact mechanics, the design also wrote history. It’s so good that the publishing house “form” devoted a whole issue of its “ Design Classics” series to the FS-Line.

Quiet from Milani

This simple and comfy system of one, two-seater or corner modules, with high or low backrests, padded on one side or both, is perfect for satisfying your designer’s creativity and the needs of each individual project.

SystemFile Lodge from Bisley

Bisley really knows how to design storage systems, and they’ve never disappointed. Their lodges can be a vibrant addition to any environment, including healthcare, as they are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Built to last, the SystemFile lodges have been designed to provide high quality and excellent value.

MyFlow Lounge L from ISKU

In addition to being a splendid design, the fabrics for this chair are also available in antimicrobial versions, making it a great addition to healthcare spaces. MyFlow Lounge L is a rotating lounge with comfortable padding and a higher back. The chair provides its users with the privacy to take a break or to concentrate on work casually

Mahia Reception from Famo

As Famo says themselves, first impressions do count. The intention behind this design is to create a professional yet warm and comforting ambience. The use of a simple structure and varying panel sizes and colours achieves a great first impression. 

Mass from HNI International

HNI’s Mass sofa’s organic shapes blend into soft seating and small islands, for limitless options. It provides fun, comfortable, and modern touchdown spaces that offer mobility for flexible and creative seating solutions.

Shift from Offecct

Offering varied heights in back-rests, Shift from Offecct is a true shape-shifter when it comes to seating. The furniture provides the right support for resting or working, all while remaining suave. The three variations of the back-rest share the comfort of the same seat, and hence you can always renew and replace one with the other. It also makes for a sustainable choice.

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