Hospitality Needs a Technology Takeover #COVID19

What lies in store for the region’s hospitality industry? Lee Worthington, Managing Director at JPA anticipates a technology boom, not just to overcome the effects of Covid-19, but because it is long overdue…


Taking advantage of our new WFH (read couch potato) lifestyle, we launched a new web series, On the Record, with the intent of having ‘real’ conversations with key influencers and leaders in our industry. We hope that these talks will provide insight and be a genuine source of knowledge.

Episode 5:

Due to the current circumstance, the hospitality industry has taken a massive hit. Lee Worthington Managing Director at JPA Design, suggests that it can only be resuscitated by addressing the entire guest experience, which includes transport, contactless booking and airport check ins, redesigned airplane interiors and layout, and autonomous cars, plus complete smart technologies integration in hotels.

Extra Clip: Changes in Airplane Interiors

The aviation industry is already ahead of the game, with more changes already being implemented to promote a healthy and safe travel experience in the Covid era.

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