Hushoffice Now On Love That Design

Hushoffice is a brand with one very clear specialty – creating workplaces that delight users and foster organisational productivity. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.

Hushoffice is the product line by Mikomax Smart Office. For the last 30 years, the brand has been serving the international market with their expertise in designing agile workplaces, and analyzing global trends and best practices within offices across the world, all in an effort to understand the needs for the people in the workforce.

About Hushoffice

The most prominent recent learning from their years of expertise was the knowledge that usually a need for change in workspace organisation occurs each quarter, and people need interior solutions that are flexible by design. The brand leveraged their specialty in office furniture to manufacture products that were flexible at a much higher level. That led to the birth of the Hushoffice acoustic pods.

For more than twenty years, their entire production has been locally made, combining craftsmanship with the latest technologies. Their in-house production, together with a local network of specialised suppliers, allows them to maintain quality control while offering a wide range of finishes, as well as the possibility of producing customised products tailored to customers’ requirements.

Today, their designs are specified and sold around the world, and their furniture is present in renowned offices, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and private residences of more than sixty countries.

“We truly believe that flexible, ergonomic solutions complete an office space and positively shape a team’s culture forever”

– says Ewa Siuta, Head of Exports Sales, Hushoffice

Plans for the MEA region

With the regional market thriving in terms of new investments, and an increase in fit-outs of shell and core projects, Hushoffice had the opportunity to develop inspiring, safe and productive workplaces with their pods. Hushoffice booths enable investors, architects and tenants to easily enrich the already existing space and complete the required office functions. They also facilitate seamless space plan adaptations as business needs or employee preferences change.

“Deriving from the 30-year experience and expertise of Hushoffice’s parent company, Mikomax Smart Office, we’re open and ready to respond to the challenges and requirements of customers in MEA” – says Aleksander Woźniak, Export Manager at Hushoffice.

Continuing the team’s consistent responsivity to each and every office design enquiry from prospective customers, the brand is currently focused on fit-out projects that include 10+ office booths, offering their clients support through operational efficiency within the fit-out project management.

With the new hybrid work model, while some employees stay on-site, others work remotely and come to the office only occasionally, meaning that the future office utilisation is variable. Their latest booth, hushHybrid, responds to this work style and has been especially developed to connect employees on site with remote colleagues and business partners. With its technical features – LED strips, VESA mount, power and USB plug-ins, and depth-adjustable tabletop – it enhances the experience of online meetings and video conversations. And like all other Hushoffice pods, hushHybrid offers a private and pleasant workspace for completing individual tasks and communicating effectively with other team members.

The 2020/21 edition of the brand’s Photobook

The 2020/21 edition of Hushoffice Photobook has just been released, offering a review of office designs carried out in 2020 and 2021 that present welcoming, safe and productive workplaces for FMCG, pharma, telecom, banking, insurance and software companies.

Despite such a vast scope of industries, all the office fit-outs featured in the Hushoffice Photobook have one common denominator – the need to provide teams with an efficient working environment by designating either private or collaborative spaces adapted to current business needs and individual preferences.

“We are delighted to be able to share our approach to office design via the Hushoffice Photobook,” says Mateusz Barczyk, Senior Brand Manager, Hushoffice. “Each of these office fit-outs has been a great discovery and challenge for us. And it is with great interest that we continue to observe office design’s increasingly negotiated and inclusive process, with our customers’ employees deeply involved in the planning of their new workplaces.”

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