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A creative hub dedicated to the study, design and development of lighting, iGuzzini stands out as a lighting innovation for people. We are proud to have them on board Love That Design!

Founded in 1959, iGuzzini illuminazione is an international leader in the field of architectural lighting. It is a creative hub with a strong vocation for innovation and excellence.

Photographer: Stefano Ferrando, Studio Vetroblu

iGuzzini is headquartered in Recanati (Italy), and operates under the Fagerhult group in more than 20 countries across five continents. The brand focuses on enhancing the relationships between people and environment through light. Its lighting, which is the output of research, industry, technology and knowledge, is geared to illuminate places of culture and work, retail environments, urban settings, large infrastructures, and hospitality & living contexts.

Photographer from left to right: Adam Mork; Paolo Carlini

About the brand’s secret sauce…

iGuzzini’s high quality and innovative products are pivotal to its current success. However, the brand’s incessant triumph is warranted not only by the unique creations it puts out in the market but also by its team that works behind the scenes. Its consistency and its amazing Customer Service experience is what sets it apart from everybody else. Due to its retained consistency, the brand’s quality of service remains unchanged which helps it survive the market up to this day.

“Our passion, our belief and our commitment is to educate about the importance of good quality lighting so we believe that Love That Design, with their reach into different market segments, will give us the opportunity to tell our message louder. Together we want to reunite and reinspire the whole lighting community. “

– Richard Holmes, Regional Director of iGuzzini

Photographer: Nigel Downes

Growth plans for the region (Middle East and Africa)

With the global market actively changing, the brand strategizes to have a more localized approach in attacking the different market segments in the region. This includes looking into areas that haven’t been carefully looked into in the past years, and developing a more crafted portfolio that would be suitable in the targeted market.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE are the countries that iGuzzini recognizes to be its key markets in the coming years. As these markets are rapidly changing, the brand targets to adapt to these changes and come up with a fresh approach that would fit right into the respective segments.

In 2019, iGuzzini was acquired by the Fagerhult group, one of the largest group companies in the industry. The brand aims to use this newly acquired influence and connection to create a joint effort in strengthening its presence in the region.

Any news, events, and launches that readers can look forward to?

As a brand that constantly moves forward and innovates, iGuzzini’s legacy and history is backed by design and innovation. The brand has been innovating products over the years and aims to stay in that path in the future. However, as the brand looks at different market segments, it is becoming noticeable that developments are reducing in certain markets that is why the brand seeks to create new products that would be suitable for fit-out markets and can also be utilized in retrofit buildings.

At present, the changes in the brand’s product portfolio will continue to head down the line of miniaturization due to consumers’ current preference to see light without light fitting. As miniaturizing is one of iGuzzini’s strengths, the brand takes on this new challenge with utter confidence since the brand believes that: a lot of people can make products smaller but not everyone can retain the same level of optical control.

Aside from giving more focus on miniaturizing, the brand also intends to put out heritage products with a modern twist in the market. Taking heritage fittings with a contemporary edge and making them usable for today’s marketplace is something that will allow iGuzzini to enter the technical-decorative segment that would give the brand an edge in the market. In addition, this heritage link will rekindle excitement in the brand’s loyal customers and give the new audience a glimpse of its legacy.

iGuzzini plans to continue its investments in the Middle East where the brand wants to give emphasis on investing in research to aid in expanding its market in the more unexplored areas in the region.

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8 February, 2022

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