In Review: Colebrook Bosson Saunders’ Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount

Yet another ergonomically superior product from CBS, the Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount aims at facilitating the ideal posture while working on electronic devices. Maja Fiszer from HOK and Peter Mishreky from Al Tayer Stocks get a closer look at the aid…

Few brands do ergonomics as well as Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS). Known for their award-winning industry firsts, such as the Ollin monitor arm and Oripura Laptop Stand, CBS is constantly innovating. Their latest product – the Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount – is a great new addition to their phenomenal line of products. In this review, we chat with the team and get their thoughts on this new mount, and how it’s different from similar products in the market.

The Review Crew

From left to right: Maja Fiszer, Associate, HOK; Peter Mishreky, Design Department Manager, Al Tayer Stocks

Even More Flexible Than You Thought

“Works have changed a lot in the past decade. We think a lot about how we can accommodate these new habits from an ergonomics point of view. With devices like tablets becoming more prevalent, we’re starting to look down as much as we look straight into computer screens. This means we have to devise new ergonomic products to ensure our bodies don’t get hurt with these new behaviors”, says Elias Azar, Regional Manager MEA & India, Colebrook Bosson Saunders.

The key issue with laptops is the way keyboards are designed with it – attached along with the screen, along with the touch pad. This is not ergonomic in any way and is mainly why we see accessories. CBS focuses on supporting people who use laptops and similar portable devices with products that work with other accessories. That’s where Ollin Laptop & Tablet Mount comes in; it seamlessly integrates  with both Ollin and Flo monitor arms. Its innovative clamping mechanism can handle laptops up to 16″ with ease. It ensures we can raise the working height in line with the eyes, and this useful mount improves user posture and frees up desk space.

“Our monitor arms are actually tested 13,000 times by a human. The quality control process is also supported by a team that physically checks the product for defects a machine might miss. That’s why we’re so confident in the quality of our products’’, says Elias proudly. “What you get is a product with a small carbon footprint, has a long life, and is recyclable at the end of it”, adds Elias.

Maja: I really like the flexibility of the Ollin Mount. That’s my first impression. Technology is constantly evolving, so it can get really hard to find products that keep up. It’s so simple in design but so much of engineering that’s gone into it. The design intent and final product is fantastic. Posture and ergonomics are extremely important. What’s great is that this mount works for the user, and not the other way around.

Peter: It’s all about finding the problem and getting the right solution for it. COVID complicated a lot of these problems further. So finding a product in the market that’s flexible enough to handle these is great for me! I personally always look at products that are useful and not just pretty. To me, this works both ways. It covers a designers expectation as well as the client’s needs. We’re no more spending 8 hours in the office. With work from home, it’s 24 hours in both work and office. So we need something to support this change.

Elegantly Ergonomic

No matter where you work, the Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount encourages good posture and improves your workstation ergonomics. Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount can be used in conjunction with your other accessories; a separate mouse and keyboard that you prefer. It reduces eye, neck and back strain and improves comfort during long periods of work.

The mount can carry any laptop up to nearly 2.8 kgs, an impressive feat for a mount. It works as a single screen set-up, but is ideal when combined with any other monitor to form a dual screen configuration for mobile and hybrid workers.

The Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount’s design profile is clean, stylish, and sophisticated. It features a  powder-coated, elegant steel base with curved edges and a premium finish. Its integrated cable management channels elevate desk appearance even more by helping keep it neat and tidy.

“We intentionally don’t offer certain finishes. They leave too much waste that’s harmful for the environment. That goes against our sustainability principles. We’ve also drastically reduced our plastic packaging and reduced our carbon footprint. To reduce the environmental impact of shipping and storage, this product is manufactured to be as lightweight as possible and uses minimal material”, explains Elias.

Maja: The concealed cables is definitely an area to work. Like when you’re using a tablet and need a pen. That pen obviously will not have a room to be placed. So maybe there should be an additional and a small detail for that. The sustainability aspects are great as well – the 12 year warranty, recyclability, and less packaging. There’s clearly a lot of thought that’s gone into it, including how simple the design is. What I like is the total size of the mount. It takes very less space and that’s a great thing to have!

Peter: I like how easily this product can be moved around or installed. Would be great if it could have objects as well. I do appreciate how they’ve made sustainability a normal component of their design, and not overmarketing it. That’s how it should be. This product is very human centered in its design, and it’s really a delight to use. I love CBS is truly valuing feedback from the field and feeding their design process with it, resulting in some great products!

Final Thoughts

As expected, CBS continues to impress. The Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount is a clear commitment to improving workplace ergonomics, no matter where you work – bedroom or office desk. Their level of functionality and aesthetic quality has continued to remain high. The Ollin is a great response to new technology and accessory needs, and we see it as a must have on many workstation lists.

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