In Review: Quooker Systems

The kitchen is at the heart of every home, and water is its soul. Quooker systems embody this idea, making various types of water more accessible and palatable. Join Love That Design as we explore these innovative tap systems with insights from Tala Tadros of MMAC Design Associates and Bruno Guelaff of BG Group UAE.

Water is fundamental to our daily lives. Recognizing its significance, Henri Peteri, the founder of Quooker, embarked on a mission to reinvent tap systems to enhance people’s quality of life. Quooker taps deliver regular, filtered, sparkling, boiling, and chilled water directly from one tap, cutting clutter and simplifying lives.

Henri Peteri began working on the instant boiling water system in 1970. His vision and persistence led to the launch of the first Quooker system in the 1990s. Today, Quooker offers various tapware solutions like Fusion, Flex, Front, and Nordic. Introduced to the UAE in 2015, these products have been creating a buzz with their unique offerings.

The Review Crew

From left to right: Bruno Guelaff, Design Director & Managing Partner at BG Group UAE; Tala Tadros, Senior Interior Designer at MMAC Design Associates

Solution-Focused Approach

Quooker stands out through its significant investment in R&D, commitment to high-quality materials, and customizable systems. Clients can choose from various faucet finishes, accessories, tanks, and taps, with the flexibility to upgrade later. The efficient supply chain ensures product availability, positioning Quooker as a global leader.

“Our mindset is to always innovate and improve. We work on the small details, so that makes a difference,” says Philipe van der Loo, Managing Director at Quooker Emirates LLC.

Bruno: “I think it’s a really helpful line of system. We got it when we had our first child, it really helped with the pacifier and the bottles. It was definitely a big part of our life. And it still is.”

Quooker Strikes the Balance

Quooker systems are designed to look good and perform even better. Available in square and round spout formats, the tapware is sleek and stylish. Customers can choose from a wide array of finishes, including polished chrome, stainless steel, patinated brass, black, gold, rose copper, and gunmetal, to match their kitchen aesthetics.

Bruno: I think aesthetically it looks  smarter. I have been using it in my home since 2017 and it worked great for us. It’s actually also a great conversation starter when people come over.

Tala: It’s clean and sleek. You can use it for everything. So I’m just thinking coffee, tea, cooking, cleaning, makes so many tasks easier. Also, it’s nice that you have a lot of colour options.

Sustainable in Essence

Quooker is committed to sustainability, producing goods that prioritize environmental well-being and actively participating in the energy transition. Their energy-efficient solutions provide boiling, hot, sparkling, and chilled water while reducing energy demand.

Philipe mentions, “We excel in delivering very efficient boiling water in both energy and water consumption. Our approach to sustainability is based on five pillars: energy reduction, drinking water conservation, CO2 neutrality, material optimization, and supply chain.”

Bruno: “It’s a lifestyle solution. So, while there’s this aspect of convenience and comfort, there’s also this side of sustainability. And that’s tackled really well.”

Quooker: An Investment for Health

Quooker aims to make its systems as essential as a microwave, dishwasher, or washing machine. They enhance health and comfort, making them a premium necessity. Starting at 6000 Dirhams, a Quooker system is an investment in present and future health.

“It will get a return on investment for the customer,” asserts Philipe. “Flex is one of our most popular products due to its pullout feature. Following closely is the Fusion collection with its clean design. Black finishes made up 55% of our sales last year.”

Tala: Yes, it’s super convenient and operable. The innovation and technology is quite good. 

Bruno: I think a lot of people are apprehensive about the quality and taste of the water, but it’s totally dependable. We did get the water tested initially and the results were just fine and it’s good for our health too.

From left to right: Philipe van der Loo, Managing Director at Quooker Emirates LLC; Tala Tadros, Senior Interior Designer at MMAC Design Associates; Roxana Jilavu, Sales Manager- Projects, Quooker Emirates LLC; Bruno Guelaff, Design Director & Managing Partner at BG Group UAE

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