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In Review… Technogym’s Kinesis Personal

29 Jan , 2019  

As a departure from our normal product review routine, we pulled one out from the personal fitness department. Love That Design teamed up with the brains and brawns behind Technogym, to review the innovative Kinesis Personal – an all in one if ever there was a machine that could work out your entire body.


Invited to try this beautiful piece of equipment were designers Ellen Søhoel of XBD Collective and Julijana Mitic from Perkins+Will, both ‘heavyweights’ in their field, and the location was the lavish Palazzo Versace on the Jaddaf Waterfront. We gathered in the penthouse of this palatial hotel on a lovely Dubai afternoon, and after an appropriate amount of time spent ogling its double storey, luxury suite, we settled in for some snacks and an introduction to this unique piece of training equipment.

Below from left: Julijana Mitic from Perkins+Will, Ellen Søhoel of XBD Collective and Sandra Koeder, Master Trainer at Technogym Emirates

What It Does

In the somewhat ‘cosy’ personal gym space of the penthouse, Sandra Koeder, Master Trainer at Technogym Emirates, introduced us to the Kinesis Personal Vision, and what a vision it is! Branded as ‘the ultimate in designer furnishing for home fitness or wellness spaces’, the Kinesis Personal certainly is a show stopper. And why wouldn’t it be, as those sleek lines can be attributed to none other than design celebrity Antonio Citterio (but more on that later).

The Kinesis Personal is essentially fitness equipment designed to give you a ‘soft workout’. And the research behind this was all aimed towards finding a way to take you back to the origins of human movement, thereby allowing you to sort of ‘re-discover’ the four fundamental physical abilities in humans – endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Its main and truly unique feature, we learnt, is the patented FullGravity, a design that Technogym claims is inspired by nature and science, and purely intended to help you enjoy your workout. It provides absolutely unrestricted movement, activating all kinetic chains, and with the three handgrips provided, it is possible to do more than 200 different exercises! Moreover, the cable loops are smooth as silk, comfortably providing the right resistance, whichever direction you move. With Sandra’s help we tested this feature out, and instantly regressed to childhood. The enjoyment level was high, so mission certainly accomplished there.

The aim of FullGravity was also to restore a balance between mind and body, and in doing so, improve the overall quality of life.‎ This offering by Technogym is their effort to attract more and more people towards wellness, (which is becoming somewhat of a buzzword in the regional design world).‎

First Impression

As soon as you set your eyes upon it, you know that this is no ordinary fitness equipment in your bog-standard gym. And according to Sandra, “The Kinesis Personal is a statement, particularly for those who value luxury and the privacy provided by personal spaces, whilst getting  the most out of their workout”.

While this beautiful piece of equipment can no doubt handle the dual role of a workout machine and work of art in your home, it demands a fair amount of space. Standing at 2.1 meters tall and 1.7 meters wide, the Kinesis is meant for those with dedicated workout spaces at home or in their office. But given the wide range of movements that is supports, Technogym promises that, once installed, the Kinesis will be all you need for your ultimate workout experience.

Ellen: “I love it. Its movements are smooth and feel incredibly precise. You can tell that it is a product built for an elite class of users, as everything seems to fit that target market. I do like how it can be used by anyone though, beginners and professionals alike.”

Julijana: “I love that minimal, simple yet modern look. I’m a fan of products that look clean and beautiful, yet rich in functionality. And I like how you can adjust it quite easily to suit your level of resistance or difficulty.”

The Design

Design royalty Antonio Citterio and his assistant Toan Nguyen created the look, with technology and support provided by Technogym’s labs, and the years of research on wellness under their belt. The thought and effort put into the design and workings of the Kinesis Personal are so clearly evident – one look and you know this creation is not one to be taken lightly. Metaphorically or physically.

The Kinesis Personal comes in two styles. For those who prefer the ultra-modern, minimalistic look, there’s the Vision with its polished steel surface and mounted panels that create a sleek, mirror finish. And for those who prefer a slightly more natural theme, the Heritage would be the answer, as it is fitted with oakwood bars and comes in a range of four surface options – black, cream, a brown leather finish, and the new Gold Limited Edition (manufactured using a gold leaf technique inspired by ancient Florentine craftsmanship).

Conscious of how users need to check and maintain good posture while working out, the sleek mirror finish of the Kinesis Personal Vision allows just that, i.e. serving as a mirror. A closer look at the cable support arms reveal another impressive detail. They’re made of aluminium alloy and hand-polished with the finesse of a master craftsman. Well done!

The design brings the human being back into focus. Technology follows closely behind in second place, and a human-centric approach embraces an experience that extends past the machine age.

Ellen: “This is definitely something for the luxury market. You’re investing in the design just as much as the functionality, as it’s a premium product. I love the practicality of the design though, and this is hard to miss once you use it. And I love how it clears up extra floor space versus other massive home training equipment that have a much larger footprint.”

Julijana: “I loved the sheer experience of using this machine. It’s a treat to look at it, and you can tell that it has been given a lot of attention when it comes to the details. The mirror finish is stunning and functional, since people do need to look at themselves to correct their posture during a workout.”

The Technology

The one-of-a-kind engineering of the Personal Kinesis is augmented by Mywellness, Technogym’s Connected Wellness Experience, that helps users achieve their fitness targets no matter where and when. You can record your activity on the app, and even compete with friends. Moreover, in fitness facilities with Technogym and Mywellness technology, certified trainers can look at your data and help you achieve your fitness goals with customised programmes.

The Workout Experience

The philosophy between the Kinesis Personal, as mentioned earlier, is to go back to basics with a focus on how the body is naturally meant to move and flow. It takes what the body does naturally, and adds resistance. And so, the workout experience is meant to be as seamless as possible. The load can be easily selected using a stylish and user friendly interface. But what is truly amazing about this machine workout is that not only can it support 200 plus types of movement, in any direction, within one square meter, but also a variety of complex exercises, such as Yoga, Pilates, or Tai Chi.

Ellen: “I think it does a brilliant job of what it was designed for. But I would question it’s usefulness when it comes to weight loss. I don’t think you can lose calories with it. Maybe a pair-up with a device that can do that would be wonderful

Julijana: “I think the FullGravity technology is brilliant. It’s almost like any direction you choose to move in is a workout in itself. I’m also curious to see how a high tech product like this can engage the mind while engaging the body. Some sort of mindfulness and attention to breathing while working out would be great too.”

Parting Thoughts

The Kinesis Personal is a manifestation of what makes Technogym so unique – design, style, wellness, and high-performance, backed by years of research. Yes, it’s not something you’ll ever find at your local gym. But for those of us with space, and the commitment to a personalised workout experience that leaves you wanting for little else, the Kinesis Personal is the device for you.

Ellen: “Given Dubai’s reputation as a market for high price, luxury items, I see the Kinesis Personal doing well in niche areas. Particularly in penthouses and large luxury apartments, or even boutique hotels. In fact, large corporate offices would be ideal too, but it would be a hard sell. The functionality does half the job of convincing the client, but it’s still a premium product on a different level than any other.”

Julijana: “Because the Kinesis Personal supports a wide range of movements, I would love to see some version of this in healthcare facilities or schools. It would certainly help young children with their holistic and physical development. Budget is always an issue, particularly in the current market, but perhaps some scaled down version of this with the same technology would be a great fit.”

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