Innovative Products, Local Craftsmanship, and Love That Design’s Trend Tour at INDEX 2021

The Love That Design Trend Tour is but days away as INDEX 2021 flexes its muscles for another inspirational design extravaganza, and we have marked out the perfect spots for you to visit.

Part of the massive Middle East Design and Hospitality Week, INDEX 2021 is but days away. Designers, architects, and industry professionals big and small, as well as interior design enthusiasts are itching to finally attend a physical fair after a long hiatus. From these previews it’s evident that, while INDEX will operate on a smaller scale this year, the content of its presentations and exhibits is by no means less potent.

INDEX 2021

WHEN: May 31 to June 2, 2021

WHERE: Dubai Word Trade Centre

In fact, this year, along with the popular Design Talks, Love That Design will host a a series of casual interviews, chats, and ‘behind the scenes’ opinions from designers and exhibitors at the fair. You can find us at the unmissable RELounge installation by Cosentino in collaboration with the  design department at the American University of Sharjah. In fact, we will be talking to the very creators of that space as well. So stay tuned for our calendar of activities to be posted soon.


After the success of last year’s Trend Tour, we simply had to have a repeat performance, only this time much more sustainably executed and highly digital. No more paper maps. Simply spot the QR tags on floors and banners at the entrance and throughout the fair (you can’t miss ’em!), and scan to enter our carefully curated trail of favourite exhibits at INDEX and Workspace 2021.

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While the Trend Tour will highlight what we thought were truly worthy exhibits, there are some standard entities that are a must visit. One stand that never fails to amaze and inspire is the homegrown Tanween by Tashkeel.


Tanween  by Tashkeel

Tanween is an intensive development programme introduced by Tashkeel for innovative emerging designers working in the UAE. Tanween takes a selected cohort of emerging UAE-based designers through a twelve-month development phase to build a product inspired by the surroundings of the UAE from concept to completion. From the dhow builders of South Asia to khoos artisans at the border with Oman, camel leather tanneries in Al Ain to the Al Sadu weavers of Abu Dhabi, this exhibit will feature products that are true and unique to the melange of cultures and traditions that constitute the UAE. Merging the very new with the ancient, drawing on ambitious, future-facing approaches and suited to contemporary environments, Tanween is proud to present products that are innovative, relevant, desirable and functional, and an embodiment of all that design in the UAE can be. 

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Wood instead of plastic

Weitzer Parkett is a family-owned, Austrian company is in its seventh generation (having been established in 1831), and is a strong promoter of Healthy Parquet – wood instead of plastic. No exotic or tropical wood to be processed, only timber from sustainable, certified forestry and from our region (short ways = less CO2). Weitzer Parkett advocates green energy derived from using wood waste and photovoltaic panels on hall roofs to produce energy and heat. Their floors carry the strictest eco labels for low emissions respected worldwide.

Creative, vegan and environmentally friendly

At its core the Alt/Collective is a supply and furniture design company that aims to align collaborations with prestigious designers, customisable autonomy, and affordable pricing, with the commitment to environmentally and ethically responsible design, sourcing and production. They view sustainability as a collaborative journey between client, designer and supply chain, and take concrete steps to provide real, ecologically aware design alternatives. At INDEX 2021, the brand will demonstrate this the experiential launch of their Wood Veneer Fabric, which debuts globally for the first time, for use as upholstery. As a high-end vegan alternative for leather, a variety of creations made with this 100% biodegradable product will show both its creative and environmental potential.

And for some peace and quiet…

…head over to the Framery Meeting Lounge.

Have you ever been to a Trade Show and been desperate to find a quiet meeting space, close-by, to ensure that you can have those critical business meetings or even close deals when you’re at the show? The Framery meeting lounge offers the opportunity for one-on-one meetings in uniquely designed, soundproof pods, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy exhibition, so you can do business quickly and professionally.

These meeting pods can be booked during the show days (just head over to meeting lounge to reserve a time slot), and advance booking is available as well.

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