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16 Oct , 2018  

Orgatec, Cologne: October 23 – 27, 2018


The biannual office furniture and design trade show is only a week away, and we are here to tell you what not to miss.


Manufacturers, designers and Oragtec-philes are all heading to Cologne this October for what can arguably be described as the leading trade show in office furniture and design. So if you are in any way affiliated with the corporate design world, you are either there, or wanting to be.

Orgatec takes place every two years, and each time, the show revolves around a central theme. This year, it’s [email protected] – “Only through a culture that promotes diversity, collaborative partnerships, motivation and trust, are we inspired to work creatively and our ideas are allowed to flourish,” is their anthem for the fair

And so, with this common vein, visitors can look forward to ideas and solutions to the pressing questions: What sort of environment will the work culture of the future need? How can freedom and structure be given equal space? How can we bring the human angle back into the workplace?

Moreover, those lucky enough to be at Orgatec 2018 will want to witness these unmissable highlights…



At the Interstuhl stand, expect both unexpected and inspiring product innovations and trendsetting spatial concepts. ARRIVE, WORK, COMMUNICATE and REGENERATE are their taglines this year. To meet the requirements of the working world of tomorrow, any future Interstuhl range will be conceived within spatial scenarios, or Interstuhl Splaces. The new furniture system HUB, designed by VINTAGEis5 designer Volker Eysing, constitutes the main addition to the range.


Here’s what’s new at Wilkhahn – two ranges that aim to encourage people to interact and change posture.

The innovative pommel horse seat, Sitzbock, is ideal for kitchenettes, lobbies and semi-public spaces, and invites passersby to take a break. Just like a real horse, you can sit astrid, ride “side saddle”, or simply lean on.

The Landing wall option creates a welcoming atmosphere for “stopovers” in aisles, crossover spaces and stairwells, where space is lacking. Landing consists of two basic sound-absorbent modules, which can be used in any number of combinations. They improve acoustics, create little corners for chats or phone calls, offer spaces to leave drinks or smartphones, and take the strain off people’s feet.


Humanscale’s main focus at Orgatec is on technology. There will be an exclusive unveiling of their new monitor arm line, the M2.1 and M2.8, plus the M/Connect 2, all of which instantly improve comfort, health and productivity in a workspace. Visitors to their stand will be given the chance to build their own monitor arm as well as experience the new line.

Green Furniture Concept

With stuffy workplaces quickly becoming a thing of the past, Green Furniture Concept is showcasing an inspiring line up of public space seating, lighting products and signature designs. Visitors can explore their interactive design lab, where they get to customise Green’s core designs, snap them apart, and start all over again.



Parks, squares, cafés, libraries, hotel lobbies, trains – Vitra are laying claim to public venues as a place in which to work. Their presentation at Orgatec 2018 focuses on converging the office realm with public spaces. Titled ‘WORK’, the installation at their stand demonstrates the importance of flexibility and agility in today’s working world, and showcases new products and three interior concepts designed by Sevil Peach, Barber & Osgerby and Konstantin Grcic.

EASY Noise Control

We had to add this – the FirstCall chair by EASY Noise Control inspired by the classic shape of an old phone. The smart design of the FirstCall dampens and mutes the surrounding noise so you can make a phone call in relative peace and comfort, even in a busy space. An excellent option for public spaces, plus it comes in a variety of colours and a bicoloured configuration.

Designatics Production

In the mood for some rest and repose? Head to Designatics Production’s stand and settle into their Red Dot award winning Sonic Chair. This chair is an acoustic island where you can settle in with some lovely tunes, thanks to the embedded, high end sound system, while people around you remain undisturbed as the noise doesn’t filter out. Pretty neat.

And finally, kick back with some Chair Hockey…

On the eve before the opening, Orgatec will host the first Chair Hockey World Championships. Chair hockey works in a similar way to conventional hockey, except that, instead of feet we use office chairs. And registered companies participating in the Championships find it a good excuse to showcase the strength and agility of their chairs.

And anyone wanting to try out chair hockey for themselves have training opportunities every day between 2pm and 5pm during the fair. No advance registration is necessary.

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