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JISO Iluminación offers immaculately designed, high-quality lighting solutions that are at the forefront of technological advancements and hold up their strong environmental commitments. By partnering with Love That Design, they bring their innovative and sustainable product offerings to a broader base and increase awareness about environmental and social responsibility in the lighting industry.

Established in 2001, JISO Iluminación captured what it means to understand the strength and essence of lighting, and how it can transform a space. They began with a simple goal: to bring lighting fixtures that enriched spaces, creating experiential atmospheres. Since then, for more than two decades, the brand has been imagining incredible spaces through technical, decorative, industrial and outdoor LED luminaires – all upholding the brand values of immaculate design and quality as well as seamless safety, efficiency, and reliability.

The Spanish company, headquartered in Valencia, has established a significant presence in both domestic and international markets in the last two decades. With exports to more than 60 countries, JISO Iluminación has demonstrated its capacity to meet global lighting requirements while consolidating its position as an LED lighting expert for solutions to a wide range of interior spaces, both residential and institutional.

About JISO

Notable Products

Serving a spectrum of requirements, JISO Iluminación’s products range from exclusive designs crafted with care to technical offerings that suit every practical need. The PRO Professional catalogue meets the demands of the technical sector to guarantee efficiency and functionality, such as linear lighting, LED panels, industrial lighting, and control and dimming systems. Meanwhile, the TOP Design catalogue aims to please a more discerning clientele looking for aesthetics and uniqueness, without compromising technical ability, such as UGR/Ambience, Dots or Magnetic design light fixtures. With over 700 pages between the two, both catalogues are based on a philosophy guided by the highest standards of quality, service and customer care.

Working continuously to offer innovative and current products, the brand houses an extensive selection of indoor, outdoor and industrial light fixtures, magnetic systems, pendant lamps and recessed lighting. The Caterpillar and Turtle collections feature new light fixtures and finishes, while the Wall and Bollard collections were expanded to include more versatile outdoor options. Trendy finishes such as Corten have also been incorporated, demonstrating the brand’s ability to adapt and respond to an ever-evolving market.

For Jiso, connecting with designers and architects who require our light fixtures is a crucial strategic step. The presentation of our new catalogue could be the perfect opportunity to highlight the uniqueness and quality of our products. Being present at Love That Design is essential to showcase both our light fixtures and the projects we are carrying out.

— M Carmen Giménez, CEO of JISO Iluminación

About the Brand’s Secret Sauce

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of JISO Iluminación’s vision for the future, a brand philosophy that strives to uphold responsibility and commitment to the environment. To minimise their ecological footprint, they employ eco-friendly materials, reduce the amount of waste generated and undertake recycling measures. Methods such as a conscious reduction of plastic consumption by eliminating multiple bags of plastic in all projects that allow it and a reduction in packaging waste continually underscore this philosophy.

As a measure of transparency and an indication of their commitment to the principles of a better society and environment, JISO Iluminación also makes their environmental, social and ethical performances public every year, along with their contribution towards sustainable measures during the last financial year. The renewal of their ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certificates for the next three years (2024-2027) marks the ongoing social responsibility that the brand intends to uphold.

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

A remarkable growth in Saudi Arabia, expansion in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and continued participation in trade fairs and international events such as the next edition of INDEX Saudi Arabia (2024) and Light + Intelligent Building Middle East (2025) has consolidated JISO Iluminación’s presence in the Middle East market – proving to be an apt reflection of the brand’s commitment to innovation and design in both indoor and outdoor lighting spheres.

They have also established a foothold in Africa, demonstrating a global growth strategy that recognizes the importance of diversification and spreading the word in new, emerging markets. For JISO Iluminación, expansion is not only in terms of geographical scope, but they constantly strive to strengthen their position in the industry through improved services and new models, finishes and products that respond to current trends and consumer needs. Their recently acquired Bronze membership of DIALux and the ETIM classification of its products which ensures high-quality performance are a testament to their goal to bring the best in lighting fixtures to their consumers.

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9 July, 2024

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