Just One: The Socially Conscious Pop-up Bar

The seventh edition of Downtown Design featured a stylish communal space by design practice Wilson Associates labelled as “Just One Bar”. Inspired by a mission of driving change through collective voices and actions, the team at Wilson Associates worked closely with a variety of collaborators to create a socially conscious pop-up experience. Leading names in design were invited to contribute a singular element or service to the overall concept. These included leading brands such as Bolon, Edges Trading, Ege, Electra, EMKAY, Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, Interior 360, IWAN MAKTABI, Kens & Company, Kvadrat Maharam, Lasvit, Mirodec, Ofis, Preciosa, Sancal, Squisito, Studio Mark, and Tarrab Trading. Keeping the human experience at the center, Wilson Associates sought to instigate dialogue within the region’s design community, and create a platform that would push individual actions into a community effort. Diversity of thought was showcased via large suspended glass pieces that reflected light and colour onto the space to showcase the variety in perspectives.