Knauf Ceiling Solutions Now On Love That Design

Knauf Ceiling Solutions’ innovative ceiling and wall solutions enhance and protect the spaces in which we live, work, recover and grow. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


Knauf AMF and Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, two of the world’s most recognised ceiling manufacturers, combined strengths to offer the best of both in one market-leading brand, Knauf Ceiling Solutions. Headquartered in Iphofen, Germany, the brand develops and manufactures complete ceiling solutions at 13 state-of-the-art production facilities in eight different countries across Europe and Asia.

About Knauf Ceiling Solutions

With over 2,100 dedicated professionals, a service-driven mentality and a multi-material portfolio, Knauf Ceiling Solutions help customers experience more choice, more inspiration and more support with one objective in mind – turning interior spaces into exceptional experiences.

We offer more than just a ceiling. We offer a solution that plays an important part in the  well being aspect of the whole interior fit out which, at the end of the day, makes a difference to the people living or working there”

– Andreas Riedl, Commercial Director Middle East, Africa & Latin America, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Sustainable products focused on your well being

At Knauf Ceiling Solutions, there exists a strong belief that ceilings are a central part of every interior space, and they give us a wonderful sense of well-being and safety. A seamless connection between form and function enhances and protects the areas in which we live, work, recover and grow. Ceilings also balance acoustics, provide healthy air to breathe, and influence how we think and feel. 

The brand’s primary motive is to help customers experience more, thanks to a new harmonised product portfolio highlighting a unique and vast multi-material approach. They offer a versatile range of proven brands divided into four different categories – Mineral Solutions, Metal Solutions, Wood & Wood Wool Solutions, and System Solutions.

In the near future

Early this year, Knauf Ceiling Solutions launched their new Mineral Solutions range. The brochure balances design and functionality, and focuses on high quality tiles made from natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials, such as bio soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch. In conjunction with this, the company is optimising other product ranges of Wood & Wood Wool and Metal ceiling and wall solutions for the corresponding target markets.

Embodying the best of two worlds, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is now in a stronger position to build on over 150 years of experience. The brand continues to extend its multi-material approach, and grow its industry-leading portfolio with unique products to deliver greater diversity for an ever-evolving market.

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