Let Your Bedroom Be Your Design Priority

Award-winning, residential designer to the stars, Daun Curry believes it’s high time there was a renewed focus on bedroom design. She gives the readers of LTD her five top tips for renovating this most intimate and personal space in a home.


Since starting her eponymous firm in 2009, Daun Curry’s interiors projects have spanned luxurious penthouses in New York City and Las Vegas, to season-ready Hamptons homes, and beachside getaways in California. Curry’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and Elle Décor, and her clients range from notable brands to influential individuals, including Sotheby’s and Naomi Watts. In 2019, Curry cinched the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award.

A Parsons School of Design graduate, Curry’s eye is honed by years of experience freelancing in both fashion and interiors. When not on-site at projects, she can be found in her NoHo studio in New York, or at home with husband Bryan, daughter Lyla, and beloved canine companion, Rocky.

“The bedroom is the most intimate, personal space in a home. So why is it that so little attention is spent on creating a haven that not only reflects this fact but embraces it? While most people dedicate their time and investment in designing the perfect kitchen, guest bathroom, living room, or dining room (this is according to a 2020 study on renovation trends by Houzz where kitchens and guest bathrooms remained the most popular rooms to renovate – 27% and 25% respectively), the same consideration is not always given to the bedroom. That, according to me, is a mistake.

When it comes to wellbeing, a place to unwind, relax and disconnect from the world at large greatly matters, and the bedroom is a great place to start. A personal haven can be created in quite a few ways, and not all have to be expensive.

Whether designing for a client or for your own home, the focus should always be on what matters to the user. Here are some tips I like to keep in mind when designing a perfect bedroom:

Introduce elements of whimsy

From light and airy drapes and swirl-laden painterly pillows that recall the colours of the sea, to wallcoverings with a sense of movement, these rooms exude gorgeous flights of fancy. Despite their diverse palettes, each design incorporates layers and gradations of the same colour family to create a soothing ambience.

Infuse a lighthearted, playful feel in the vacation home

When you’re on vacation, your environment should reflect your state of mind. Designing for different age groups, and/or a personal room or guest room, should all take different factors into account. For kids’ rooms, introduce fun furnishings, such as bunk beds and geometric rugs in eye-popping, complementing colours, to create a playful atmosphere. In a guest bedroom, it’s important to keep an air of sophistication while also instilling a more carefree, insouciant appeal into the space. Perfectly tailored, layered bedding in sunny shades, a defined area rug, elevated artwork that recalls beach house living, and linen upholstered beds create an air of relaxation with a big dose of finesse. In the main room, make sure to take advantage of any natural light and the views. Next, focus on comfort. Layer the bed in fresh, luxurious bedding, and add bold pops of colour, soft carpet underfoot, extra seating, and lighting for all needs.

Create a luxurious seating area

A bedroom should be an escape. So whether it’s a seating nook, window seat, or plush or swivel chairs, or even a bench, including this essential element will offer just that extra bit of comfort. It can serve as a cosy place to perch while getting ready for dinner, or the ideal spot to   curl up with a book whilst enjoying a morning coffee (or a nightly glass of wine in pajamas). There is a lot of enjoyment that can be gained from this one simple addition.

Incorporate texture

Incorporating texture into your design scheme can add visual interest and a sense of warmth, especially when it’s tone on tone. From silk-textured and grasscloth wallpapers to ceilings finished in shimmery Venetian plaster, metallics, dimensional paintings and antiqued mirrored furnishings, each well-placed inclusion will add depth, tactility, and a sense of balance. Texture can also facilitate in creating a seamless flow – drawing the eye exactly where it should go.

Pattern, pattern and more pattern

Don’t be afraid of using multiple patterns at once. You can easily layer varying designs that work well together rather than fight each other. In fashion, unexpected pairings are considered daring in the most stimulating of ways, and the same concept can be translated into interior design. While you might not want to go completely bold and vibrant in the bedroom, as lighter colours create a more restful ambience, differing patterns in neutral shades and lighter hues can create an equally attractive, visual appeal.

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