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After six decades of revolutionising the world of decorative arts with its control of sculpture, Lladró continues to reinvent itself in the more functional fields of home decor, contract and interior design. This is a living example of an eclectic and global brand, much like the world we live in. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design.


Tradition meets innovation at Lladró

Lladró is a sculpture, but it is also a chandelier, a cordless lamp, a vase, home fragrances or jewelry…

In Lladró’s factory located in Valencia, Spain, sculptors and artisans skillfully create each piece following a handcrafted process that combines age-old techniques with a palette of their own, unmistakable colours. The brand boasts a team of creatives passionate about the art of porcelain, which it combines with collaborations with celebrated designers, such as Jaime Hayon or Marcel Wanders. Artists who never stop pushing back the boundaries for the creative potential of porcelain.

Lighting, design, and home fragrances

Sculptures account for a large part of Lladró’s production. Unique pieces that embody the perfect combination of cultures and universal values. However, beyond its signature figurative creations, the Lladró universe also embraces design sculptures, lighting, and home accessories

Lighting, in all its facets, ranging from large chandeliers to cordless tabletop lamps, is accruing greater importance for the brand. The light filtered through porcelain is unique for its warm, evocative glow, which differentiates it from lighting made with other materials. This factor, added to its possibilities for bespoke customisation, has sparked the interest of designers like Bodo Sperlein and Marcel Wanders, who have signed collections for the brand, and also from a range of professionals in the contract and interior design sector.

On the other hand, the category that combines lighting and aromas, offers a wide range of home fragrances, lithophanes and cordless lamps. These are delicate pieces created with the purpose of enhancing wonderful moods through exquisite fragrances and warm lighting.

Luxury, tradition, and jewellery

Lladró continues expanding the world of possibilities and design in porcelain with the recent incorporation of handcrafted porcelain jewellery. Natural beauty, delicate colours, harmony… jewellery inspired by nature that is given shape in porcelain, an original material that makes each piece truly unique. These are little works of art that contain the very essence of luxury, tradition and innovation.

In the coming years, the brand’s development and growth will focus on the new concept and lighting categories, as well as the contract channel. Love That Design will play a critical role in this venture because, thanks to them, we will be able to build bridges and reach this group of professionals with the new Lladró offering

Bertrand Legleye, Lladró Sales Director, UAE

Regional presence

Situated in the Emirates since the late 2000s, the brand has always found this market a demanding, knowledgeable customer who particularly appreciates its creativity. So much so that at the current moment, Lladró is immersed in a process of expansion, thanks to the support and trust placed in the brand by leading distributors in the home accessories and decor sector. Their product portfolio includes creations like the Arabian Pure Breed Horse or lithophanes with exclusive distribution.

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17 June, 2021


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