It’s a Wrap! Design Collective 2020 in a Nutshell

This week, we slowly climb down from our ‘collective’ high post Design Collective 2020. Behind the scenes, a brilliant yet maddening build up led to three adrenaline-fueled days of pure design excess! Two digital channels concurrently streaming juicy, relevant and poignant content from the A&D industry, keeping a regional and global focus. If you missed it, here is a recap…

To give you a bit of insight into the birth of Design Collective, this was an initiative to unite the industry and create a community that look towards the future. At a time when a number of physical events/fairs were being cancelled, we saw an opportunity to utilise the digitally connected world, and put forward a virtual event. The idea was widely received and we were more than excited to be collaborating with some of the best of the best from within our A&D industry.

Talks and insights saw individuals from various backgrounds offer unique expert opinion and perspective on various topics, including, but not limited to the office of tomorrow, the fate of the F&B sector, why we need WELL more than ever, etc. Each session was followed by a live Q&A where the audience could engage with our panelists via chat.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the love and participation, as each episode averaged 300 to 500 visitors, with the platform reaching almost 30,000 views per day. This certainly has us motivated for a bigger and better Design Collective!

Talks of the Town

Hour upon hour, we had experts in the fields of wellness, design, architecture and sustainability, go head to head on a wide offering of subject matter. Some informative, others hard-hitting and more often entertaining. Amidst good natured jesting with peers, emerged some truly eye opening thought.

If you missed any these talks, fret not. We have them available on demand in the links below.

Time Capsule for Design Collective 2021

Design Collective also saw the launch of the Orangebox Time Capsule. This innovative manufacturer decided to take a positive approach to the lock-down, by filling this virtual capsule with positive learning experiences of this period.

In their words: We want to remember this moment in history, where amongst tragedy and chaos, we were able to hold onto precious memories and learn unique life lessons. 

Creativity took centerstage as we received a number of entries, ranging from personal achievements to humorous anecdotes. If you would still like to participate, click here!

Surging Ahead

Our friends in social responsibility, Surge for Water, held a meaningful virtual hour on the impacts of sustainable design on the people and the planet at large.

For the past seven years, Surge’s annual ‘Design, Dine, make a Difference’ gala has brought together the region’s A+D community, and transformed the lives of more than 100,000 people in vulnerable global communities. This session brought together various members of the organisation and contributors to talk about what inspires them to make a difference via design.

Ending with a Bang (and a party)!

Did we mention the amazing music curated for our end of day party by J&J Music Factory? This was brought to us by Design Mix in collaboration with MetreSquared, Kaprel and Bluehaus. We were all swaying to the smooth tunes as we closed our laptops and stretched our feet.

The last event of the last day of Design Collective was reserved for the wildly awaited LTD Product Awards, the first of its kind in the region, and boy did it raise some friendly rivalry among our global brand partners. A fantastic way to end the event.

Lastly, a big thank you to our inspiring collaborators and our audience for helping us in making this event a resounding success. This initiative would not have taken flight without the contributions and input from our partners and panelists.

It has been an immense pleasure to have you all on board with us. Till next time, this is LTD, signing out of Design Collective 2020.

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