LTD Talk: Sustainable Design… Are we there yet?

Surge 2020 brings to the table some key manufacturers and partners, along with the designers that believe and support their ethos. We talk to them about how they want to design for a better future, and change the world, one drop at a time…


This year, the theme for Surge is Design For a Better Future. 2020 turned the world on its head. It was completely unexpected and unplanned. However, many would say, what emerged from this was a traumatised but infinitely more aware humanity. A race that is more conscious of their body, and their soul, and are questioning their previous choices and lifestyles. 

Also emerging from this rubble is an A&D industry that has been working hard at creating safe environments for us to exist in and thrive. Antimicrobials suddenly became a hot topic of conversation, flexibility in lifestyle a hence, in furnishing, and mainly, places where we could have access to clean food, products, surfaces and water.

The last and most important element is one that is taken for granted, and its misuse is rampant because, well, it’s always there. But here’s the thing…  it won’t always be. And here’s another thing, many MANY people in remote parts of the world don’t have access to this basic element that we take for granted. 

And this is where Surge steps in.

Shilpa Alva and Marita Peters are the powerhouse behind Surge. They have been working tirelessly over the years to ensure that the efforts of this organisation remain relevant year on year, gaining traction amongst the A&D industry with each passing event.

This webinar brings to the table some key manufacturers and partners of Surge, along with the designers that believe and support their ethos. We talk to them about how these wonderful individuals with the help of their supporting brands, want to change the world, one drop at a time.

The Panelists


Having designed, managed and built projects for more than 17 years, Rohit founded SURFACE ELEVEN, which is also one of the headline sponsors at Surge this year. Rohit sources award-winning products and brands for the region so that Architects and Designers are able focus on what they do best… ‘Create’!

Jonathan Brown, Senior Lighting Account Manager, Acoulite

Jonathan is an Account Manager for Acoulite, a lighting design firm that regularly contributes to sustainability by developing the most energy efficient lighting and acoustic solutions. Jonathan’s role is to provide that crucial link between the brands and the designers, to ensure that the best solutions for each project.

Kate Burnett, Strategic Marketing Manager and sustainability expert, Milliken

Kate Burnett is sustainability guru at Milliken, which is also a headline sponsor at Surge this year. Kate is a certified WELL AP, and champions the cause of sustainability through design via helping integrating this ethos across the brand and into their products.

Carla Conte, Founder & Creative Director, Brand Creative

Carla is a retail and environmental “brand space” specialist, and founder of Brand Creative, which platforms multidisciplinary design thinking through the combination of brand strategy, graphic design and interior design. She has also been a devout ambassador of Surge.

Ben Corrigan, Founder and Managing Director, Bluehaus Group

Ben is passionate about culture and the power of human connection, and how ultimately this drives innovation and collaboration amongst the people and teams within any business for a greater good, including sustainability.

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