LTD Talks: Why We Need WELL More Than Ever

Sustainability leader Tracy Backus talks to the COO, Jessica Cooper of the International Well Building Institute on changes in standards that are not only beneficial, but also incredibly necessary on a global scale.


During Design Collective 2020, we had on board Tracy Backus of Teknion and Jessica Cooper from IWBI discussing the WELL standards, the changes that were to be implemented for WELL Version 2, and how the pandemic pivoted their direction to halt the initial April launch. WELL V2 now has a much deeper branch of Health and Wellness incorporated, with a separate ‘sub certification’ being introduced.

The Experts

Tracy Backus

As Director of Sustainability at Teknion, Tracy’s work focuses on the health and well-being of the workplace through the lens of sustainability, and the impact of product materials on human health. Responsible for five of Teknion’s WELL Certifications, Tracy is both student and educator on the WELL Building Standard.

Jessica Cooper

As Chief Commercial Officer at the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™), Jessica’s work brings health-focused design and policy solutions to diverse buildings and human environments around the globe. With a background in design, Jessica is passionate about leveraging the power of design to realise human and environmental sustainability outcomes.

Part 1: Having a connection to nature is critical to keeping healthy 

Part 2: Let your design enable people to make healthier choices

Part 3: Healthy design strategies for the future workplace

Part 4: The pandemic and its effect on WELL Version 2

Part 5: Places Matter initiative and the new Health Safety Rating System

This year has opened our eyes to new opportunities that may ‘WELL’ be for the better

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24 November, 2020

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