Managing and Motivating Your Team #COVID19

In our series, Decision Making in Unprecedented Times, Stacy Stewart of Herman Miller tells us how he manages and motivates his team, which include not only the staff, but also the brand’s partners and dealers.


Taking advantage of our new WFH (read couch potato) lifestyle, we launched a new web series, On the Record, with the intent of having ‘real’ conversations with key influencers and leaders in our industry. We hope that these talks will provide insight and be a genuine source of knowledge.

Episode 4:

Stacy Stewart is most likely the youngest director at Herman Miller. Now in his thirties, he couldn’t possibly have fathomed ever dealing with a situation like a global pandemic, when joining a company as healthy as Herman Miller. We speak to him about his experience with handling the sudden changes at work, any cashflow issues, possible salary cuts, and how he keeps his staff motivated.

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21 April, 2020

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