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Quality, flexibility, customisation, and a 100% ‘Made In Italy’ tag are the cornerstones of office furniture brand, Martex. We are proud to welcome them on Love That Design.


Italian brand Martex approaches offices both small and large with equal passion and enthusiasm, as they endeavor to make their projects unique, creating a different story based on the needs of the client, architect or designer’s vision. The goal of the brand is to design products or workspaces that always think about the psychophysical wellbeing of the people that inhabit it. “We try to interpret the office world with an individual’s holistic view that considers the person as a whole and in all its dimensions – physical, mental and spiritual. Their motto? ‘Let’s put the person at the center of the experience of his daily wellbeing.’

About Martex

“When we think about the office, we think about the people who work there

Ivan Petrovich, CEO, Martex

The brand’s history

The story of Martex is entwined with the evolution cycles that have characterised the development of design and furniture. For 50 years, Martex has been curious about this evolution, grasping signs of change and innovation that represent the daily stimulus for the continuous development of its products.

Purchased in 1979 by Dr. Antonio Petrovich, Martex has always specialised in the production of office furniture. In 2001 Ivan Petrovich assumed the role of President, redefining strategies and objectives, and bringing with him a strong impetus for change. This marked the launch of the design and construction line of products with strong functional and aesthetic content, simultaneously setting up partnerships with global designers and architects of repute.

People focused at heart

“We are a united team, Martex is characterised by our great team spirit,” says Ivan Petrovich, CEO of Martex.

People are the main source of the brand’s success. The voice of its employees is important in the birth of a new product or the development of a project, which comes from the collaboration of several people with different skills. The brand proudly boasts 70 percent of its workforce to have been with them for more than eight years.

Quality, flexibility, customisation, and a 100 percent ‘Made in Italy’

Martex’s history, knowledge of the territory, and a consolidated supply chain of trusted partners allows the brand to customize its products as per request, a quality designers and architects are increasingly seeking out – flexibility, versatility and reliability.

For Martex, the concept of personalization, quality and attention to detail are extensive values that involve the entire chain of processes. Creating quality means being able to transmit to the market the certainty of the durability of their product, and the maintenance over time of its value and its original performance. The thought is Italian and the manufacturer is Italian, guaranteeing a qualitatively original result.

Sustainable Design

“We have a green soul,” says Ivan. “The reduction of Martex’s environmental footprint pushes us to create quality products that not only respect our concept of aesthetics, but above all can last a lifetime.”

The brand celebrates its respect for nature and for the environment by concrete action, using processes with a lower environmental impact and favoring the use of natural, recyclable materials from controlled and certified crops. The wood conglomerate used for the production of the panels falls within the class CARB P2, and meets the standards of ANSI/BIFMA emissions as established by the LEED certification compared to the credit IEQ4.5.

“We develop and produce durable products that guarantee a long lifecycle, as well as compact and lightweight packaging to limit the impact of transport and disposal. We invest in the right resources so that our industrial supply chain can be rewarding and attentive to these values.”

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11 March, 2021

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