Meet the Team at HNI International

A leader in workplace furnishings, HNI’s manufacturing capabilities and strength in distribution enables them to provide the perfect solution for every customer, from the largest multinational organisations to the local entrepreneur. So let’s hear from the team behind the scenes.



Why would people choose HNI? 


Craig Hanson, Regional Manager EMEA at HNI, believes there are two key reasons to choose HNI over competing brands. “First, our core strength is our approach of listening to clients to address their needs vs. ‘telling’ them what to do. Second, our collection of brands, products, price points and dealer partners provide clients with an unmatched breadth and depth of solutions for the entire floorplate.”

The top successes of 2020 and any challenges going forward


COVID presented unprecedented challenges for everyone in 2021, however the team at HNI believe that their success was ultimately based on how they responded. “The pandemic presented unique opportunities to expand our WFH solutions, work with our clients to develop solutions to address their return to work plans in the new environment, and continue our ‘customer first’ priority in being easier to do business with and delivering a consistent flawless customer experience,” says Craig.

Conduction business in the Middle East region


“The Middle East has the broadest access to design and products than any region in the world,” says Tori Thompson, Regional Brand Manager at HNI. “The US, Europe and Asia are all prevalent and accessible to clients in the Middle East. Our unique portfolio of brands and solutions from each of these regions uniquely positions us to address different client needs.”

In the near future…


Workplace furnishings will remain the brand’s top priority. “We will continue to focus on what we know and do best.” says Tori. “We will continue to bring new solutions to the market that help customers work more efficiently and effectively – remotely, part-time or full-time in the office. We will continue to invest in digital tools to deliver a flawless customer experience and we will continue our journey on operational excellence to deliver best value and eliminate waste to our customers.”

Craig Hanson Regional Manager EMEA
Favourite holiday destination – Santorini, Greece
Favourite hobby/sport – Playing golf when my lower back allows me
Your heroine – My wife, mother to my daughter Summer Rae and my soon to be son.
Tori Thompson, Regional Brand Manager
Favourite holiday destination – South of France
Favourite hobby/sport – Hiking, horse riding, skiing, the list is endless….Happiest when outdoors
Your hero/heroine – My sister, Cara, an amazing, mother and wife. She is confident, admirable, smart, witty and wise. 
Levi Esperitu, Regional Workplace Consultant EMEA
Favourite holiday destination – Thailand
Favourite hobby/sport – playing the guitar, biking, table tennis
Your hero/heroine – My very own Wonder Woman, my wife
Mervin De La Torre, Regional Workplace Consultant
Favourite holiday destination – Anywhere in the Philippines
Favourite hobby/sport – Basketball, billiards and walking
Your hero/heroine – My father and mother

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