Mix n Match

Mixing and matching are easily one of the most fun parts of any interior design project. Be it your room or the entire house,  it’s always fun picking and choosing from a variety of options to create something unique. But the process can be overwhelming. Today, the sheer number and range of colours, fabrics, finishes and textures available, while fun, can make the process dizzying to even the most experienced designer.

While mixing patterns is on-trend, it can be challenging to try and select what to use, where to use them, and how to use them. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with six products that offer just the range and depth you need.

Featured Image credits: Unsplash

Outdoor In Collection

Designed by Suzanne Tick, this collection offers four bleach-cleanable performance textiles for indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of sectors ranking from education, hospitality and commercial.  It utilizes high-UV fibers, new coated technology and recycled polyester yarns to create a fresh user experience and provides plenty of choice for choosing across interior and exterior designs. The designs in this collection range from urban to organic, referencing old school and new technology in todays world.

Polyflor Secura PUR

This collection combines influences from mother nature’s textures such as wood and stone through to contemporary modern living materials and abstract designs to develop authentic and inspiring patterns, whilst offering the practicality and durability that comes from luxury vinyl sheet flooring.


For as far as history can remember, marble, granites, quartz, and similar natural stones nearly always reflect some form of luxury and sophistication. Neolith takes this into consideration with Classtone and offers a contemporary and yet traditional collection of natural stone patterns. The value in this collection is the intense attention to detail, depth of colour, and timeless appeal.

The Guest

Jaime Hayon created this unique series for the Guest collection by Lladró Atelier, the brand’s idea hub, with the intention of bringing together artists from around the world to make their own special version of the character. The series includes collaborations by Paul Smith, Devilrobots, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Rolito, Henn Kim, Ricardo Cavolo and Hayon himself. When it comes to mixing and matching, you’ll have plenty to choose from within The Guest collection. 

Signature Creation – Digital Print

Polyrey helps you personalize your own high pressure laminate as part of a signature collection, giving your space the unique character it needs. From wall coverings, furniture, cubicles, doors, headboards – with the Signature Creation range, Polyrey can hep with any type of project. If you want to mix things up but prefer it done your way, then Polyrey is the way to go.

My Beautiful Backside sofa

We’ve heard of mixing up colors and patterns, but sofa cushions is new! Moroso’s Beautiful Backside is a collection of seats whose backrests are a composition of highly coloured, floating cushions in various shapes. The wider your seat configuration, the more cushions available for customization. Oversized symbols are available for customization as well, that deliver a variety of messages. These symbols also provide a way to customize each chair, making each unit a unique piece in the space. 

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