Normann Copenhagen Now On Love That Design

A Danish design company, Normann Copenhagen creates high quality original and innovative products that bring the feeling of home while standing the test of time. We are proud to have them on board Love That Design!

Established in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with a mission to utilize its great design to challenge conventional thinking and to make the ordinary extraordinary.

About Normann Copenhagen

Today, the brand encompasses a wide and continuously growing range of furniture, lighting, and accessories targeting workplace, hospitality, education, healthcare, commercial, and residential spaces.

The brand’s collections are defined by clean lines with a twist which are crafted with an emphasis on quality and endurance. Driven by creative curiosity, the brand draws on influences from the realms of art, fashion, and culture, with an affinity for the bold and out of the ordinary.

Normann Copenhagen products are sold in more than 80 countries throughout the world and have collected more than 80 design awards along the way. The brand remains under the ownership and direction of its founders, uniting its global outlook with a familiar closeness and a design philosophy of bringing the feeling of home in every space it occupies.

Design Philosophy : The feeling of Home and the making of long-lasting design

It’s nice to be home
The comfort of home should also find its way into spaces away from home. Normann Copenhagen’s design philosophy aims to showcase the undefinable uplifting feeling of home into their designs, designs that are made for everyday pleasure and adds extra to the ordinary to make every space feel like home.

Design that lasts
Normann Copenhagen believes that making people happier improves the human quality of life and this happiness can come from creating high quality designs that can last for generations. The brand’s strong Danish heritage is recognized for its great craftsmanship. Normann Copenhagen strives to explore new and innovative ways to work with materials, ensuring high durability while focusing on the materials’ impact on the environment.

“Our core values of Creativity, Quality, Responsibility, Courage & Closeness are at the base of everything we do and we want our ongoing work and engagement in the MENAT region to be another clear example of this.”

– Ricardo Silveira, Regional Manager MENAT at Normann Copenhagen

Most recent News on Normann Copenhagen

Recently, Normann Copenhagen moved into a new headquarters, housing seven entirely transformed floors in the very heart of Copenhagen, including three gallery floors of the combined flagship store and showroom.

The headquarter’s new building dates back to 1936 and originally served as a printing house in its early years. The brand undertook the renovation and interior design of the seven decade old building with an aim to preserve its historic atmosphere to show utmost respect for its original features while updating the building to align with the brand’s vision.

In addition, Normann Copenhagen also released several new furniture products in the previous months including the Allez Chair, the already extremely popular Bit Stool, New Pad Swivel Lounge chair series and the Circa Stool Series.

“At Normann Copenhagen we live and breathe Design so by partnering up with Love that Design we aim to continue our ongoing work of being closer to the A&D Community in the region. It is a remarkable platform that will allow Normann Copenhagen to continue to showcase our value and engage in an already growing collaboration with the Design Community, Partners and End users”

– Ricardo Silveira, Regional Manager MENAT at Normann Copenhagen

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