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With an ‘ochre’ take on design and interiors, OKA is a leading British interior brand that marries Eastern and Western inspiration for designs with timeless style and flair. Love That Design is proud to welcome OKA aboard.

Before OKA made its name across the various corners of the world, it was once a passion project rooted in the desire of one of the founders to make her home feel and look better. It was an idea that was conceived in the minds of three female friends: Annabel Astor, Sue Jones, and Lucinda Waterhouse. Astor was on a quest to find special items to adorn her holiday home, and Jones, an experienced decorator, and Waterhouse, a skilled horticulturist, happily embarked on that journey with her. 

This led to the curation of exquisite items from around the world and collaboration with talented global artisans to bring their vision to life. The end result was a stunning catalogue of sophisticated, luxurious, and breathtaking pieces, each with its own unique story, charm, and, most importantly, integrity.

About OKA

Since its inception in 1999, from its first ‘rattan’ product range to today, OKA now has 13 experiential stores in the UK, a website, a podcast, and an impressive magazine, becoming ‘the’ destination for people who want to find inspiration to improve their homes. It also offers tailor-made sofa solutions with over 800 possible combinations.

The name, which is a phonetic play on the word “ochre”, reflects a colour palette that subtly evokes the East while maintaining a distinctly British sensibility.

What is OKA all about? Simply put, it’s a love affair with living well. We’ve always been passionate about creating pieces that transform everyday moments with loved ones into cherished memories. We believe that’s the secret to living beautifully: enjoying it.


— Sue Jones, Creative Director & Founder, OKA

About the Brand’s Secret Sauce

OKA doesn’t believe in fitting into a ‘prescribed look’ but in breaking the rules and creating a home that reflects character. OKA’s allure lies in its unique blend of hand-picked global treasures, exquisite textures and patterns, and enduring furniture designs. While constantly evolving, OKA remains firmly rooted in its British heritage, embodying a style that is effortlessly elegant and sophisticated yet approachable.

While the brand’s pieces are designed in England, they are sourced from across the globe. At the core of its process is the spirit to travel and explore, to learn and recreate what the world has to offer. Under Jones’ guidance, OKA’s team often finds their muse in the most unexpected places on this planet—from vintage markets to mountainous villages—to create pieces with unparalleled finesse.

OKA’s unique selling proposition also lies in its deep respect for the time-honoured techniques employed by artisans worldwide to create exceptional products, infusing them with history and heritage. The brand also stimulates global craftsmanship, supports local communities, and maintains high ethical standards. OKA’s special collections, often developed in collaboration with renowned designers and makers, consistently garner acclaim for their quality and craftsmanship.

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

OKA is fully committed to supporting the design community in the region. Its dedicated team of experienced professionals is ready to assist designers and architects with their project needs. The brand also offers a comprehensive international shipping service to ensure that chosen pieces arrive seamlessly, safely, and efficiently, regardless of the location.

In the near future…

OKA became a Certified B Corporation in 2023, a significant milestone in its sustainability journey. This achievement reflects an ongoing commitment to its strategic pillars, including its mission to reduce its impact on the planet and positively contribute to the communities it interacts with.

The brand is also gearing up to launch its new seasonal collection in September, which will be showcased at Decorex, London, in October 2024.

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2 July, 2024

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