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Orangebox Now On Love That Design

5 Feb , 2018  

At Love That Design, we are all excited to announce that Orangebox is now on our platform!

Orangebox realized early on that to be succesful in a market saturated with great companies and brands – some local and some global – they needed a compelling point of difference. They found it in a powerful focus on innovation.

The Orangebox team delivers responsive, fully-integrated services to customers wherever they are in the world and whichever product they specify.

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The Orangebox strategy when trying to establish a presence in the Middle East and Africa has been the same as it would be in any new marketplace; putting in the hard work required to build awareness of their brand and develop relationships with their customer base. This has given Orangebox a solid foundation to build on.

According to Anne Barron, Regional Sales Manager of Orangebox, Orangebox’s success can be attributed to being there for customers and offering them a high level of support: “A major contributing factor to our success is visibility. Dubai is a very transient part of the world and we believe that being present, stable and consistent in this region makes us a more attractive company to work with.”

“I remember Phil Robbins, Orangebox Export Director, speaking to me about the GCC and I’ll always remember it. He said ‘our global and local workplace research gives us such an advantage in our product development. It means we can bring game-changing designs to new markets often saturated with so-called me too products.’”

Jack Lewis, MEA Business Development Manager, points out that it has been necessary to roll up his sleeves and work tirelessly within the local context and beyond: “The market conditions are as tough today as they were when I arrived in August 2015, there is relative stability in surrounding countries and the competitive prices of oil and gas have dramatic affects on the economy. But, while brand building is always challenging, we do appear to be over a hump, and are gaining momentum.” It’s this dedication to delivering quality and inspirational products as well as making real connections within the industry that set the Orangebox team apart from their competitors.

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