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Outdoor living serves as our personal portal to the outside world in a society where fast-paced indoor living has seized over. Here is a list to help you feel at peace if you’re planning to upgrade your outdoor space for some dreamy garden parties and outdoor siestas. These sleek furnishings have been designed to suit our ergonomic needs and blend well with the outdoor setting. Scroll down this page to browse a variety of outdoor furniture online, including well designed deck chairs and sun loungers.

Single beds are a cutting-edge modular bedding system in which volumes can be freely combined with one another, allowing an individual user to enjoy the joy of customising according to their own comfort.

Crafted meticulously with a balance between experimentation and spontaneity, the design of single beds emerges as a bridge connecting the full and empty areas. The padded sleep top, covered in Wellness fabric, rises gently on four support points that can be combined to suit personal preferences: a metal foot, polymethylmethacrylate support, and stone elements. Laterally integrated into the padded sleep top is a luminous ring, which serves as both a structural element and a vehicle for the therapeutic effects of colour.

The Hopper AA (all aluminium) picnic table is a streamlined version of the iconic Hopper table made entirely of aluminium. With a modern, sleek aesthetic, this mono-material table was designed with a functional-centric approach. Available in five standard colours, this contemporary table is designed from a limited set of partitions using wide aluminium profiles, which create a calm visual aesthetic while also making it low-maintenance. The four pass-through zones at either end eliminate the need for individuals to climb over benches in order to access the table. Its form and aesthetics, while primarily serving as a picnic table, add a quirky yet sculptural element to any interior room or exterior terrace.

The WING collection by A-cero for VONDOM is created using polyethylene resin via rotational moulding, a method of dynamically combining straight and curved lines. These extreme curves and angles, which are a common feature of contemporary architecture, have now permeated furniture design, aiming for a fluid, soft, and organic form that generates movement and dissociates itself from any prior trace of excessive rigidity. These striking components, which together form a set of furniture with a powerful visual impact, sculptural impact, and dynamic appeal, are 100% recyclable, ideal for both indoor and outdoor operation, and offered in a variety of finishes.

The Reva outdoor collection has a form that is dominated by a minimalist aesthetic, sleek lines, and expansive sizes. Showcased here from the collection is the Sun lounger, which has a thin extruded aluminium frame with two rear rubber-coated wheels for easy mobility, four tapered die-cast aluminium supports, and a reclining backrest that can be raised to find the most comfortable position. The upper portion of the lounger features a cushion with draining polyurethane foam inside and fabric that is UV and water resistant.

Galavinised steel and it’s charm in the outdoors in a never-ending saga. From the elegant silhouette to the slender base, the Not Out chairs can be a versatile addition to an outdoor seating area. The epoxy powder paint highlights the lightness of form, perhaps making it a stellar addition to a modern or minimalist aesthetic. One can pick from a range of colours and add cushions to suit the needs of a concept. All in all, the possibilities with the Not Out outdoor chairs are limitless.

Created with the intention of allowing a user to create their own composition of spaces, this table is well-known for its versatility. For those looking for outdoor furniture to place by their lounge areas, pool areas and restaurant areas, the Mood XL low table by bivaq makes for a classy and subtle addition. With its clean finish and neutral exterior, it seamlessly blends into a space. It complements the outdoors with its choice of colour, as it belongs to a muted colour palette that harmoniously merges with the outdoors and makes for a mindful addition.

Out and About

The Allez chair by Normann Copenhagen is available in a variety of colours which makes it a great fit for the outdoors and adds a splash of colour, enriching the indoors. It has a minimal appearance that gives it a very contemporary look that can easily pair with modern designs. The wicker option, on the other hand, is an interesting intersection of vintage-modernity. The matte finish exterior complements the curve-edged backrest and overall design, making for a very endearing design aesthetic that can be used throughout a space to achieve an inspired look or hold its own as a singular piece evocative of the same styles of present-day avant-garde design.

Creating an interesting and dynamic look with its thermopolymer shell, the Nuez Outdoor chair from Andrue World is a chic and stylish piece of seating. The solid colours, options in teak wood or sled base and slender form can become the standout element in an otherwise monotonous setting or it can be ideal addition in layering colour schemes in an outdoor visualization.

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